Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Her father was expelled by Boston College because of the Magisterial Heresy

Sister Marie Thérèse, M.I.C.M.
Her father was expelled by Boston College because of the Magisterial Heresy.
Sr. Marie Therese, MICM is the eldest daughter of Dr. Fakhri Maluf a Catholic professor at Boston College. He was expelled by the Jesuits when the Jesuit Rector and Provinicial made a factual mistake - and the Magisterium in Rome supported them!
After some 70 years we now know that the Magisterium made a mistake.It was magisterial heresy in the Catholic Church from 1949.
Dr.Fakhri Maluf held the traditional interpretation of the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus and was supported by Fr. Leonard Feeney.
Archbishop Richard Cushing approved the Boston College expulsion of the professors. For him there were exceptions to the centuries old interpretation of the dogma on exclusive salvation in the Catholic Church.
For Cardinal Cushing being saved in invincible ignorance, the baptism of desire and the baptism of blood, all referred to persons who were in Heaven without the baptism of water.This was also the understanding of the liberal Jesuit theologians in Boston.For them there were exceptions to the centuries old interpretation of the dogma on salvation.
What they did not realize was that if there were exceptions to the dogma then these cases would be known and seen to be exceptions.
 They did not ask themself how could people in Heaven be exceptions to all needing to formally enter the Church in the present times( 1940's).
How can non existing cases in their reality be exceptions to all needing to be 'card carrying members' of the Church for salvation?
But them perhaps they knew all this but went ahead with their irrationality.
The late Senator Edward Kennedy wrote in his memoirs that he was present when his brother Robert Kennedy phoned Archbiship Cushing and told him to do something about Fr. Leonard Feeney.
Pope Pius XII kept silent over this issue.
Sr.Marie Therese's father remained expelled by a Catholic college and Fr. Leonard Feeney remained excommunicated and the Magisterium did not announce that people in Heaven  could not be exceptions  to the literal interpretation of extra ecclesiam nulla salus.
The Magisterium after 1949 made a factual mistake.An injustice was done to Sr. Marie Therese' father.
-Lionel Andrades


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