Monday, December 21, 2015

How can the bishops abjure heresy and still use Cushingism as a theology ? The result is heretical

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Anonymous said...

I am of the opinion if one of these valid bishop's would renounce the heresy of ecumenism,made public abjoration of heresy,then consecrated a valid priest in the pre-June 1968 Rite of Holy Orders,it would be one more necessary line of bishop's administering valid Holy Orders and valid Sacraments.The priest being consecrated would have to have been ordained in traditional rite by valid bishop ordained/consecrated in pre-June 1968 rite of holy orders.


I am of the opinion if one of these valid bishop's would renounce the heresy of ecumenism,

They all accept Cushingism as a theology. So they all indirectly, un-knowingly support a false ecumenism, the new ecumenism, which is based on the new theology.The new theology is based on the irrationality of Cushingism. It is based on a false premise and inference.

made public abjoration of heresy,
With Cushingism they are saying there are explicit exceptions to the de fide dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus. This is heresy.So they may abjure heresy but they are still using Cushingism as a theology.The result is heretical.
With Cushingism they are saying they believe in three known baptisms for the forgiveness of sins instead of one. This is heresy, it it changing the Nicene Creed.
With Cushingism they interpret Lumen Gentium 16 as referring to an explicit case. So Vatican Council II becomes a break with Tradition. With  Feeneyism LG 16 is not explicit and so Vatican Council II is not a break with Tradition.
With Feeneyism there are no exceptions to the Nicene Creed's ' I believe in one baptism for the  forgiveness of sin'.
The dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus does not have any exceptions with the theology of Feeneyism.
So presently these bishops are offering Mass with heresy.
-Lionel Andrades
Fr. Joseph Kramer and the FSSP priests use heretical Cushingism as a theology. So they indirectly accept the new ecumenism, the new relations with the Jews and other non Catholics and Vatican Council II being a break with Tradition.They have rejected the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla with Cushingism and assume there are  exceptions  to the dogma with the baptism of desire etc.

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