Saturday, February 6, 2016

SSPX seminarians begin politically correct formation approved by the Vatican

SSPX: 45 New Seminarians Take Cassock
 Throughout the world in the SSPX's seminaries, a total of 45 seminarians have taken the cassock, or clerical habit, during the 2015-2016 academic year. We offer some news and images of this important event, a formative step towards the ultimate goal of the sacred priesthood. 
Some 45  SSPX seminarians will be taught that they have to accept the Leftist understanding of Vatican Council II and they must interpret the Council mixing up what is invisible as being visible.In this way the Council will be a break with Tradition. It will be a rupture with the old ecclesiology based on the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus.
They will be told that Bishop A.Schneider whom the SSPX holds in high esteem, offers the Novus Ordo Mass and accepts the new ecclesiology which includes an interpretatation of  Vatican Council II with a false premise and inference. The false inference comes from the the factual error in the Baltimore Catechism and the Letter of Holy Office 1949. The error has to be politically accepted not only because it is politically correct but because Archbishop Lefebvre overlooked it.
So his undestanding of Vatican Council II was confused.Now the seminarians are obligated to interpret Vatican Council II as a break with the past and so they will not affirm the Council in agreement with the exclusivist ecclesiology of the past.
The seminarians will be told that they must not interpret Vatican Council II like me. I  assume that the references to salvation in Vatican Council II, are not of explicit cases, objectively seen. They refer to hypothetical cases. So they are not exceptions to the 'rigorist interpretation' of the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus. So I can affirm the rigorist interpretation of EENS, as did St. Robert Bellarmine and Fr. Leonard Feeney and also affirm Vatican Council II, in harmony with this traditional interpretation of the dogma EENS.
Bishop Schneider could also do  the same as me. But then he could lose his 'full communion' status, which the SSPX now seeks and possibly the seminarians too want the same thing.So the bishop  does not affirm the Catholic Faith by saying all Jews and other non Catholics, need to formally enter the Church ( with faith and baptism) to avoid the fires of Hell and there are no known exceptions in 2016 and that this is the teaching of Vatican Council II. He has to go along with the Nostra Aetate pitch.
The bishop will  not say this in the many interviews he gives and neither will the SSPX bishops and priests do so. They  all remain politically correct with the Left. So there are no threats to their property and they can build new seminaries. As long as they interpret Vatican Council II with the invisible-visible mix up they will not be harassed with leftist laws. There will be no campaign against them,like the one received by Bishop Richard Williamson, Robert Sungenis...
So the 45 seminarians will know that their religious formation is the same as that of the Pontifical Universities and seminaries in Rome, where they also interpret Vatican Council II with the same politically appropriate irrationality.
This is standard magisterial heresy, it is ecclesiastical heresy but it is has popular support within and outside the Church. The SSPX theologically is part of the same corrupt system. 
For the SSPX seminarians, like those in the seminaries in Rome, to come out in the open and affirm exclusive salvation in the Catholic Church would mean the end of their hopes of being a Catholic priest. Since the truth is prohibited at SSPX seminaries as in two of the Catholic seminaries in Rome, where I was a seminarian.-Lionel Andrades

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