Thursday, May 19, 2016


Edward PentinBishop Bernard Fellay has sold out.He is going to accept Vatican Council II interpreted with Cushingism instead of Feeneyism, hypothetical cases being objective and so known exceptions to the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus (EENS).He approves a general subjectivism in Vatican Council II as being objective.The very same approach which he criticizes in Amoris Laetitia.
Before he signs an agreement with the Vatican he is not willing to affirm the SSPX General Chapter Statement 2012. It said there are no known exceptions to the dogma EENS (Feeneyism).
Bishop Fellay has set 'the party line'. To avoid being Anti-Semitic and being opposed by the Jewish Left he will not interpret Vatican Council II with Feeneyism ( there are no known exceptions to EENS in Vatican Council II) .Instead he uses Cushingism as theology( i.e LG 16 is a known exception to EENS.He will not announce that hypothetical cases (LG 16) cannot be objectively seen in 2016. So it is not a known exception to the dogma EENS.
If he did affirm Vatican Council II according to Feeneyism it would mean all Jews, and other non Catholics, who have good and holy things in their religion(NA 2) are on the way to the fires of Hell, without 'faith and baptism'(AG 7, LG 14)- and there are no known exceptions in 2016.

Since there are no known exceptions to the dogma EENS and to AG 7 and LG 14 ( all need faith and baptism), there cannot be a separation of Church and State since all need to be Catholic to avoid Hell.There is also no change in the old ecclesiology on other religions and Christian communities with reference to salvation, since the dogma EENS is not contradicted.

The issue of religious liberty, ecumenism and liturgical reform (with the new ecclesiology) would be superflous if Vatican Council II is interpreted with Feeneyism.There are only an issue when Cushingism is used as a theology and traditional EENS is contradicted.

To remain politically correct with the Left, Bishop Fellay like the two popes, is rejecting rationality and traditional Catholic doctrine, in exchange for security.
A reconciliation with the Vatican is necessary and important but without the compromised interpretation of Vatican Council II.
 Bishop Fellay could ask Rome to come back to the Faith and interpret Vatican Council II with Feeneyism.Make this a condition for signing , the 'fundamental agreement' , which Pope Francis referred to.
-Lionel Andrades

If Bishop Fellay interprets Vatican Council II with Feeneyism instead of Cushingism he will be considered anti-Semitic.Instead he is willing to reach an agreement with Rome in which Vatican Council II will continue to be interpreted with an irrational premise to produce a non traditional conclusion.

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