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The Syllabus of Errors is out of the reality of both popes.So when dogmas and doctrines are thrown out officially,in public by both popes how can the teachings of the Church be a measure to judge Medugorje.Whose faith are they protecting?

(0.51) Fr.Salvatore Parrella, five years back on this Rome Reports video  says that the Church must verify the apparitions not because they don't believe in the possibility that they exist but only to safeguard the faith.Above to protect the essence of the faith.A Christian who basis his faith in apparitions is not a Christian adult, is not mature.
(1:06) The Vatican has several criteria for declaring that an apparition is authentic for example the messages can't contradict the Gospel and the magisterium of the Church and the conversions that arise should be profound..

' to safeguard the faith.Above to protect the essence of the faith.'-Fr.Salvatore Parrella, a member of the Commission investigating Medugorje.

Fr.Salvatore Parrella, is Vice President of the Pontifical Faculty of Theology,Marianum.He belongs to the  Order of Servants of Mary (The Servites).He completed studies for a doctorate in dogmatic theology at the Pontifical Gregorian University, Rome.He has received the mandatum to teach theology from the Vatican's Congregation for Catholic Education (2011).He has had his religious formation with Vatican Council II interpreted with irrational Cushingism as a theology. 
I know members of the Servites here.They were originally a mendicant community but not any more. They have no concept of interpreting Vatican Council II with traditional Feeneyism. This is the faith for them.
Once during Mass in Italian at one of their churches near Piazza Venezia I said aloud a prayer intention citing Dominus Iesus.The Servite priest was perturbed.He was trying to correct me in public during the Mass.I related a verbatim line from Dominus Iesus calling for the conversion of non Catholics whose religions were not paths to salvation.
The Servite Fr.Parrella is the Coordinator for approving Baccalaureate and Post Graduate Licenciate degrees in theology at the Marianum.He is a professor of dogmatic theology and mariology.
So when the Servites refer to safeguarding the faith they mean a Vatican Council, in which hypothetical cases(LG 16 etc) are assumed to be concrete, seen in the flesh cases.They are then postulated as explicit exceptions to the old 'triumphalistic ecclesiology',in particular the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus.This is fantasy.This is fantasy theology.The stuff of apparitions.
Fr.Parrella  has also been serving in an academic capacity at the Pontifical University Antonianum and the theological faculty at the Pontifical University Augustinianum, Rome.He has also been a professor at the Opus Dei's Sacred Cross(Santa Croce) University, Rome. 
How can a liberal theologian be on the Vatican Commission when he uses an irrational premise and conclusion to create a new theology; Cushingite theology? The Medugorje visionaries at least could object formally.
When the visionaries pray the Nicene Creed, they mean there is only baptism for the forgiveness of sin, there is one known baptism,the baptism of water.For Fr.Parella and the Servites there are three or more known baptisms, all without the baptism of water.They are the 'baptism' of desire, blood, seeds of the Word(AG 11), imperfect communion with the Church(UR 3) , elements of sanctification and truth in other religions(LG 8), a ray of that Truth(NA 2) in other religions etc.These are all explicit cases for him which contradict the Nicene Creed, the Athanasius Creed, the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus and the Syllabus of Errors.No one protests or asks him to defend himself theologically.He could opt for a rational theology as did the founders of his religious community.
He now wants the Marian apparitions to conform to his fantasy theology( visible cases of the baptism of desire) and lack of faith(no traditional Vatican Council II and EENS).The Cushingite theology which he teaches contradicts the Gospel.It contradicts John 3:5 and Mark 16:16 as it was interpreted by the 16th century missionaries.This was the theology of the saints,martyrs and the first popes.His Cushingite theology is not that of the Church Fathers.They  did not state that the baptism of desire or being saved in invincible ignorance were explicit exceptions to the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus.The Medugorje visionaries could  protest at Parrella's Apparition Theology(visible-dead now in Heaven without the baptism of water) which he uses to interpret magisterial documents.
From March 2010 to January 2014 he had been nominated by the Prefect for the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith,on the advice of Cushingite Pope Benedict, to be a consultant on the Vatican's International Commission to discern the Medjugorje phenomenon.Medugorje has to adapt to his lack of Catholic faith.With Cushingism the Syllabus of Errors is rejected.There is magisterial heresy.
Pope Benedict supports the Magisterial Heresy, in the second part of the Letter of the Holy Office 1949. So what 'essence of the faith' are they protecting?
Pope Francis has denied the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus and calls the old ecclesiology, triumphalism and ideological.He considers conscience supreme with no objective reality.The Syllabus of Errors is out of the reality of both popes.So when dogmas and doctrines are thrown out officially, in public,by both popes how can they use the teachings of the Church as a measure to judge Medugorje.Whose faith are they protecting?
The books written by Fr.Parrella indicate he is a liberal with a heretical Cushingite formation.Among the books he has authored are the following:

Credo nel Dio di Gesù Cristo. La responsabilità del "conoscere" la fede, oggi, Edizioni I.S.U. Università Cattolica, Milano, 2007;
Le Mariofanie. Per una teologia delle apparizioni, Edizioni Messaggero Padova, 2009;
Anglicani e Cattolici «Con Maria la Madre di Gesù» (At 1, 14). Saggio di Mariologia ecumenica, San Paolo, Cinisello Balsamo 2009;
Impronte di Dio nella storiaApparizioni e Mariofanie, Edizioni Messaggero Padova, 2011;
Immacolata e Assunta. Un'esistenza fra due grazie. Le ragioni del cattolicesimo nel dialogo ecumenico, San Paolo, Cinisello Balsamo 2011.
Apparizioni e Mariofanie. Teologia, Storia, Verifica ecclesialeSan Paolo, Cinisello Balsamo 2012 (con Gian Matteo Roggio).
-Lionel Andrades

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