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Yes the Conciliar Church is modernist and would be preparing many to accept a New World Religion,but there is a choice.Choose a rational, traditional theology and discover the fault is not there in Vatican Council II itself

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TradCatKnight: Against the New World Order But Not Vatican II?
By: Eric Gajewski
I try to keep things simple here at TradCatKnight. I know these times are filled with confusion and thus we all must highly sympathetic to some degree for those who cannot quite grasp this apostasy. However, one of the more absurd arguments coming from those in the Conciliar Church, that is, those, still clinging to the Second Vatican Council, is this notion of fighting against the New World Order wilst still following the Council. It is a grave delusion to think that what has transpired at the Council and since the Council in no ways is interrelated with the New World Order talked about “in the world”. St. Anthony the Great warned of Vatican II wherein churchmen would finally succumb and join hands with the world. Thus, how do the Conciliarist miss this building of the new City of Man under the guise of freedom and human dignity? How do they miss that the Vatican II Popes when speaking on the New World Order in no way indicate that it is based upon the Social Kingship of Christ? It is another one of those “lets sweep it under the rug” situation. Or even worse, the Concilairist will cling to “he is not talking about THAT New World Order". Pure delusion.

Eric Gajewski opposes Feeneyism  so Vatican Council II and the Conciliar Church for him would be a rupture with the past and contributing to the New World Order, the One World Religion.
If he chose Feeneyism as a theology he would assume that the baptism of desire (BOD) and blood(BOB) and being saved in invincible ignorance(I.I), without the baptism of water,refer to imaginary cases, hypothetical possibilities  and they are not seen in 2016.
This is reality.They are not seen.
With  extra ecclesiam nulla salus( Feeneyite) accepted by him, it would be possible to affirm the old ecclesiology. So ecumenism  would be one of return and non Christians would also need to convert into the Catholic Church to avoid Hell.Since outside the Church there would be no salvation, outside the Church there would be no known salvation.
At present Eric Gajewski has a problem with Vatican Council II since he is not a Feeneyite but a Cushngite.For him BOD,BOB and I.I refer to visible cases  in the present times, They are exceptions to the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus(Feeneyite).
So Vatican Council II contradicts extra ecclesiam nulla salus ( Feeneyite) and the Syllabus of Errors.It is modernist.
Yes the Conciliar Church is modernist and would be preparing many to accept a New World Religion,but he has a choice. He can choose a rational and traditional theology and discover then that the fault is not there in Vatican Council II(Feeneyite)
-Lionel Andrades

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