Friday, November 18, 2016

Austria: Sharia patrol attacks girl for not wearing hijab


THIS is the brutal moment a gang of teenagers appear to repeatedly slap a girl in the face for allegedly removing her headscarf.
This is by far not the first such incident. In March, a father was hospitalised by another “Sharia patrol” in Austria after he intervened and told the men to stop threatening his wife and daughter “for not being properly dressed.”
Even three years ago, a Sharia patrol was forcing couples to stop holding hands in East London because “it was a Muslim area,” and started a fight with some men who were drinking alcohol on the street.
Such “patrols” have also been terrorizing citizens in London, Belgium and Sweden.
“Self-styled ‘Sharia patrol’ allegedly launch brutal attack on girl for ‘not wearing HIJAB’”, by Ajay Nair, UK Express, November 15, 2016:
In the horrific footage from Vienna, Austria, the youngster is seen being violently attacked by a group of girls and a boy in what is believed to be a “Sharia patrol”.
In this clip, she keeps her hands in her pocket and takes the savage beating, despite breaking her jaw in two places and blood dripping from her face.
The group is reported to have said in the video: “She has pulled the headscarf down, demolish her!”….
The footage comes after reports of Sharia police from the Muslim Chechen community operating in the area.
The 17-year-old victim told local media that she refused to try and avoid the blows for fears of the torrent of violence intensifying if she showed weakness.
She told newspaper Heute: “Look, I knew if I would fight back, I would only get hit more. So, I just waited until it was over.”
The youngster said she was threatened by the gang not to got to the police, but her sister did so while she recovered in hospital.
A police spokesman said: “We know the youngsters, they were already involved in similar cases in Lower Austria.”
It is thought a group of six youths, aged between 16 and 17, are being investigated by officers.
The latest incident comes after three men from a self-styled “Sharia patrol” in Vienna were jailed after beating a man after intervening when they accused his daughter and wife of acting inappropriately.

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