Friday, December 16, 2016

The popes are not affirming the faith: but neither are John Henry Weston and Joseph Shaw

Pope Francis like the Masons rejects the traditional teachings on morals and calls it legalism. He even rejects the traditional teachings on salvation and calls its triumphalism. Legalism and triumphalism these are the buzz words I would come across all these years.It has now been made official by Pope Francis.1
It was the magisterium which was in heresy with their irrational, non traditional and heretical interpretation of extra ecclesiam nulla salus ( as having known exceptions). Then it was the magisterium (1965) which was in heresy for interpreting Vatican Council II with this false premise ( visible baptism of desire) to create a heretical conclusion( Vatican Council II is a rupture with the dogma EENS).
They are in heresy even today ( 2016) since they will not interpret Vatican Council II without the irrational premise and conclusion, and so accept a Vatican Council II which is in harmony with EENS according to the 16th century missionaries.
At all the pontifical universities in Rome they are teaching this heresy faith and morals. The four cardinals have only objected to the heresy in morals, and they condoned it all these years in the universities.
They also did not know that Vatican Council II was traditional without the irrational premise and conclusion;assuming the hypothetical case of the baptism of desire was not hypothetical.
So the cardinals can change all this now. They can affirm extra ecclesiam nulla salus like the 16th century missionaries. 
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Similarly the 23 scholars could do the same.John Henry Weston at LifeSites news could do the same but  does not ? Why?  Since he could be hit money-wise?
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Similarly Joseph Shaw could do the same but does not. Why? Since he could lose his career etc.
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Mons. Ignacio Barrerio....
All the priest-professors could do the same at the Legion of Christ university in Rome but they will not .
We see there is a general apostasy in the Church. Every one is comfortable with compromise.Probably the popes too have their excuse. -Lionel Andrades

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Priest confirms philosophical error : Lefebvre excommunication a mistake

Four cardinals and 23 scholars had approved the new moral and salvation theology all these years

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