Wednesday, March 8, 2017

English universities tell a lie and no priest objects

The University of Nottingham theologians and the English Archbishop Kevin McDonald presented the Vatican Council II (Cushingite) New Religion theology and doctrines last year and there was no objection from any priest .
There was no objection also from any Society of St. Pius X priest.
Remember the priest in Argentine.Eric Gajewski has a video.In it he says 'God Bless this SSPX priest(Argentina)!'


MARCH 4, 2017

English universities present a lie on Catholic theology and doctrine - unethical for academics

The Universities of Nottingham and Bristol  and Kings College London present a lie on Catholic theology and doctrine. For academics this is un-ethical.It is a falsehood even though the pro-Left  Catholic bishops and cardinals in  Britain support the lie.This is official deception.In the University of Nottingham video series Theologians in Conversation they use unethical and irrational Cushingism as a theology to interpret Vatican Council II.So the Council emerges as a rupture with the dogmaextra ecclesiam nulla salus (Feeneyite). -Lionel Andrades

MARCH 8, 2017

No denial from Archbishop Kevin Mcdonald, Tom O' Loughlin : there is an objective error in the text of Vatican Council II

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