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Archbishop Guido Pozzo issues 'fake news' on Vatican Council II and the SSPX.

Vatican Official: SSPX Must Sign Doctrinal Declaration
Archbishop Guido Pozzo issues 'fake news' on Vatican Council II and the SSPX. He says that the the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX), headed by Bishop Bernard Fellay, must sign a doctrinal declaration involving Vatican II before they can reunite with the Church.He means they must unite, without saying that Vatican Council II ( Feeneyite) is non heretical  but his 'masters' who give instructions for the reconciliation and then change them will not accept it.He does not say that 'his masters' are promoting Vatican Council II with heresy, it is Vatican Council II interpreted with the false New Theology of Rahner and Ratzinger.

He has said that "The reconciliation will occur when Monsignor Fellay formally adheres to the doctrinal declaration that the Holy See presented to him. This is also the necessary condition to then proceed to the institutional regularization with the creation of a personal prelature." 1 He means that Bishop Fellay cannot interpret Vatican Council II without the false premise.No way! Bishop Fellay must use the false premise( invisible people are visible) and the false conclusion( invisible people saved with the baptism of desire are visible on earth, they are exceptions to the old ecclesiology on salvation). If Fellay does accept Vatican Council II without the false premise it will not be accepted by the CDF or the bishops conferences.Bishop Fellay last month said that the dogma outside the Church there is no salvation 'has been changed surreptitiously by confused ideas.' He smells a rat.He knows something is wrong.Now Archbishop Pozzo wants the SSPX to interpret Vatican Council II with the changed version of the dogma,the 'surreptitious version'.This  is the Cushingite version which re-interprets the dogma with the New Theology.This is how the bishops conferences in the USA, England, Germany and France interpret the old dogma on salvation.They take their lead from the New Theology in the Catechism of the Catholic Church (846).It is only with the new theology; the  invisible- cases- are- visible-theology  that they can read  Vatican Council II.

Reportedly, Abp. Pozzo sees the proper interpretation of Vatican II as an essential element of this declaration and he means only one interpretation of Vatican Council II will be accepted.It is the one Cardinal Ratzinger affirmed during the excommunication of Archbishop Lefebvre .This is the one he confirmed in March 2016. According to this interpretation of Vatican Council II, there was a development of the dogma.Our understanding of outside the Church there is no salvation is supposed to have changed. The dogma has changed.It is no more like it was for the 16th century missionaries he said, in public.He was not going to affirm the dogma without the false premise.He was going to allow it to be changed.He had a choice in March 2016.He chose the new version which was a rupture with the 16th century version of the dogma.He said this in public.
Similarly for Pope Benedict there can only be a hermeneutic of rupture version of Vatican Council II.Vatican Council II must be seen as being in conflict with the old version of the dogma.This is the new Cushingite version of extra ecclesiam nullas salus (EENS) that Pozzo also accepts.This is the interpretation the SSPX has to rubber stamp; sign between the lines, on that document.Of course, this is understood by all at the CDF.This is also the version approved for the Catholic Church by the rabbis who represent Israel.

According to the report, "Guido Pozzo points out that the key to reconciliation lies in understanding the Second Vatican Council. The interpretations that were promoted by some theologians, intellectuals and the media have encouraged ruptures similar to the Lefebvrians."This is more 'fake news.This is deception.These are just words. It is like a politician saying nothing. He is not being specific and concrete. Otherwise he will get into trouble.He has been following this approach for years and so has Pope Benedict.
The archbishop affirmed Thursday that the misinterpretations about the council's 16 documents led to misperceptions of the council by the SSPX, which diverged from Church teaching.By 'Church teaching' he means 'magisterial heresy'.He means it is normal for a pope to say in public (March 2016) that the dogma outside the Church there is no salvation is no more like it was in the past.This is 'Church teaching' today. Either in the past they made a mistake, or in the present times. Or in the present times there is a new revelation in the Catholic Church which was not there in the 16th century. This is Church teaching for Ecclesia Dei.This is the 'perception' of the CDF officials who told the daily La Stampa that in the Vatican - SSPX agreement, there will be nothing which will affect Jewish Left-Catholic relations. This means they will re-interpret with heresy,Vatican Council II and the dogma  outside the Church there is no salvation so as not to upset, the Jewish Left-Vatican agreement.So to create a Church document which is a rupture with past Tradition, the irrational premise ( invisible cases are visible, the baptism of desire refers to a visible case) is crucial.This is the only 'perception' permitted by the present liberal magisterium.
During an interview in March, Abp. Pozzo likewise contrasted the so-called "spirit of Vatican II" as being essentially the problem rather than what the "true council" actually taught.However he cannot accept the 'true council' which avoids the New Theology since then the magisterium would be affirming 'the strict interpretation' of the dogma outside the Church there is no salvation.Since the strict interpretation of the dogma has been rejected by Cardinal Ratzinger( See Christianity and the World Religions, ITC) and there can be no citations and references in Vatican Council II, without using the irrational premise, there is only 'the spirit of Vatican II' which can support the magisterium's position on the Council.
Here come more vagueness and deception.Old men telling lies."The problem is therefore not the Second Vatican Council as such, but a certain way of understanding, applying and practicing the Council, the so-called 'spirit of the Council,'" he explained. "Pope Benedict XVI has spoken of a 'true council' and a 'virtual council,' the latter being the fruit of the mass media, the modernist currents of theology, in other words the 'conciliation ideology' that superimposed the genuine mens (mind) of the Council's Fathers."
Pope Benedict is on record for interpreting Vatican Council II as a rupture with Tradition. In March 2016 it was blatant heresy.So when he talks about the 'spirit of the Council' 'virtual council' and 'conciliation ideology' these are words; words of a fake theologian.The truth is too scary for him.
Image result for Photo can you imagine
Can you picture him after Regensburg saying according to Vatican Council II (AG 7, LG 14) all Muslims need 'faith and baptism for salvation', to avoid the fires of Hell?
Can you imagine him saying since LG 16, LG 8, UR 3, NA 2 , GS 22, UR 3 etc all refer to invisible cases and not visible and known people in 2017, there are no practical exceptions to the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus mentioned in Vatican Council II?
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Can you imagine him saying that since we cannot know of any one saved in invincible ignorance and the baptism of desire and blood, without the baptism of water, there can be no practical exceptions to the dogma outside Church there is no salvation? Of course not. 
He could not say this as the CDF Prefect or Pope Benedict even though this would have been expected of him by the people.This is what we would expect Archbishop Pozzo or an honest cardinal to say in public.
So Guido Pozzo has to issue all this 'fake news' since the truth from Vatican Council II interpreted without the Cushingite theology, without the Rahner-Ratzinger deception, would be too frightening for them.
This fake news needs to be exposed.
Not only the SSPX, but all religious communities in the Catholic Church should ask for the right to interpret Vatican Council II with Feeneyism.The proclamation of the Gospel, the traditional interpretations must not be changed.There should not be a rupture with Tradition and the interpreting of Scripture as it was done over the centuries.The SSPX must not be asked to accept a fake news version of Vatican Council II and the dogma outside the Church there is no salvation.Archbishop Pozzo must not be surreptitious.
-Lionel Andrades


MAY 13, 2017

Abp.Pozzo is specious on SSPX confusion : does not differentiate between Vatican Council II Feeneyite and Cushingite, without the irrational premise or with it


The dogma “Outside the Church there is no salvation” has been changed surreptitiously by confused ideas -Bishop Bernard Fellay

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