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Poland is consecrated to Christ the King but the laws are secular and pro-Satan

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Since Poland is a sovereign independent state which has an army they can affirm Catholic doctrine in a way the Vatican cannot.They have consecrated their country to Christ the King so  they must affirm the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus(EENS) in harmony with Vatican Council II ( Feeneyite-invisible cases are only invisible) and call for the conversion of all non Catholics into the Catholic Church.
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Pope Benedict could not do this. He could not permit the the Good Friday Prayer for the Conversion of the Jews to be prayed since he was threathened with war and violence by the state of Israel.This was reported in the Italian newspaper.
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There cannot be a true conversion of Poland to Christ the King without the affirmation of Church teachings like the Social Reign of Christ the King over all political legislation, the end of usury as the popes taught  and the proclamation that outside the Church there is no salvation and there are no exceptions.The Constituion of Poland must be Catholic just like the Constitutions in Muslim countries are Islamic.
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The Muslim countries which are independent, sovereign and have their own armies base their Constitution on Islamism.They believe there is exclusive salvation in only their religion.So they have world mission programs financed by the State.This was how it was done in Catholic states before the Mohammad lived.
The Zionists and the pro-Satan lobby  cannot force the Muslim countries to change their religious beliefs, as they can with the Vatican, unless they start wars and defeat them.
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Poland unlike the Vatican can have a Catholic confessional state like those in Italy in the past.There was the non separation of the Church and state.
There is nothing in Dignitatis Humanae, Vatican Council II to prevent this now in Poland.Vatican Council II can be re-interpreted since there is no military pressure from the Jewish Left upon Poland.
Poland being a sovereign state can eliminate doctrinal errors and the new theology being imposed on the Vatican, the popes and cardinals, by the pro-Satan lobby. For instance, possibly out of fear of their enemies, the Vatican and Pope Francis told Eugenio Scalfari  Editor of the daily La Repubblica that conscience is supreme.He seemed to be denying objective reality.Poland can correct this error and so many things which popes have to say and do since they do not have armed forces and seem under the siege of Satan.
Similarly the Zionists, Jewish Left, secularists, Masons, Communists and Satanists  want Poland to remain a secular democracy  instead of a Catholic democratic state.Poland could be a Catholic confessional state , with freedom of religion for all, but the Constitution would affirm a Catholic political ethos.
In a Catholic confessional state non Catholics de facto have no right to proclaim their religious beliefs through the media and political organisations.This is not true in a secular state and Dignitatis Humanae(DH) refers to a secular state without denying the rights of a Catholic Confessional State.1
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No text in Vatican Council II (DH) says that we cannot believe that in principle all political and social legislation must have Jesus as its head. We can still accept this and proclaim it, for example in Italy , even if the Church does not have the de facto power to implement it in a secular state. In Poland the State has the power to implement it in its Constitution.
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They have to interpret Vatican Council II with Feeneyism and then they will not have the opposition of the bishops of Poland, the Vatican and the international political Left.
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In Italy for example, the secular Masonic lobby has created hate laws to protect the Jewish Left and their Satanic interests( sodomy, abortion, pornography,immodesty).In the same way a Catholic state needs to have laws which protect the things of God, as understood in the Catholic Church.
In a Catholic State there must be a separation of secularism and state, a separation of the present Satanic secularism and State.
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In Italy the laws and norms send people to Hell. They have girls and boys studying together in high schools and in the army.It is easy to commit sins of impurity and go to Hell.The state approved media programs are evil.Catholics are discouraged in many ways from attending Sunday Mass and observing moral and faith teachings of the Church.Proclaiming the Catholic Faith is a criminal offence( proselytism) and Catholic populations are being replaced by Muslim populations in general.Hundreds of thousands of Italians are legally killed every year through abortion. Preference is given at government and municipal jobs in Italy to non-Catholics so that over time belief in Jesus and the Church is lost.
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The media attacks the Catholic religion while leftist laws protect Muslims, homosexuals, abortionists,owners of pornography media,pornographic cinema houses in Rome and other things evil.There is freedom for things of Satan and restrictions on things of God.
The secularist criteria is follow Satan and not God and they use different slogans like 'liberty', 'freedom','openness' etc. The ruling Satanic lobby can choose a non Catholic for the top army chief's jobs ,even though the population is Catholic.Or they can choose a secularist or atheist as the President or Prime Minister of the country who will politically support Satanic values, for example in Italy, Matarella and Gentiloni.
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In Italy the newspapers are pro-Satan and this would not be permitted in a Catholic country, if Poland chose to go this way.
Religious truth, in all its fullness, is found only in the Catholic Church.All political states should affirm Catholic teaching and be obedient to the pope or to a political representative of the Holy Father when he is not contradicting other popes and Tradition in general. De jure this should be the relation of the Church and state.Even though defacto now it is otherwise. Poland can be an exception.Poland can set up a Ministry for Religious Affairs to support and implement all this in a way in which the Vatican State cannot.-Lionel Andrades


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