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Fort Worth Chancery offices violate Principle of Non Contradiction and are deceptive and unethical : intentional false hood and irrationality of the employed staff is not legal

Tribunal Office Staff

Members of the Fort Worth, Texas Latin Mass community must canonically check what is being taught in the Catechism classes.Also challenge the competence of members of the Marriage Tribunal( Annulment office).

How can people who reason irrationality hold responsible offices and decide marriage cases?

They use an irrational premise in their philosophy and theology and this would be unethical and un-professional even by secular standards.Knowingly they tell a lie. Knowingly they deceive.

The Tribunal Judges are Rev. Joy Joseph, TOR, JCL, Rev. Msgr. Joseph S. Scantlin and Rev. Tim Thompson, JCL. Father  Anh Q. Tran, JCL is the Judicial Vicar, Anna Marie Chanblee, JCL is the Judge/Assessor and Linda McKinney is the Case Assessor according to the diocese website.1

They are all guilty of using irrational premises, making false inferences and offering unethical reasoning to explain basic Catholic teaching.

They  support deception  and tell lies about the faith and then are given responsibility in the Chancery.This is how they hold on to their jobs.How can matured, adult people tell falsehoods, be employed at responsible positions and continue with this deception even after the bishop and his Curia are  informed many times over the years?

There is an office to protect minors from clerical abuse but what about the staff employed  who tell a lie in general, when asked to explain Catholic teachings, so that they can be politically correct with the Left? They are supported by Tribunal Members. So what is the credibility of the procedure for Reporting Abuse to the Chancery ?

Why was Vatican Council II and the beliefs of visiting speakers at the Fisher More College an issue, when the priests and religious sisters at Fort Worth today use a false premise to create fantasy theology which is a rupture with the traditional teachings of the Catholic Church and they get away with it?

There are two interpretations of Vatican Council II and if a married couple would want to bring up their children with the rational interpretation of the Council they would be discouraged by the Marriage Tribunal Office members.

Staff members, would teach their family and friends, that invisible people are visible on earth.It is with this inference that they interpret Vatican Council II, the Catechism of the Catholic Church and the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus.
It is with this reasoning with which they reject traditional Catholic teachings in the Church on salvation, ecumenism, inter-religious dialogue, Social Reign of Christ the King, Mission,Non separation of Church and State,past ecclesiology and theology...So how can they be competent in discussing Catholic marriage issues? They change Church teachings with an irrationality and a lie to adapt to ideology.In this they are supported by Bishop Olson who has been appointed by Pope Francis.
For them to judge an annulment case, even though Jesus opposed divorced and separation, they ask parishioners to hire an advocate.The have a list of approved advocates.All the advocates have to be in good standing with Bishop Olson. So they all have to use an irrational premise to interpret magisterial documents, including Vatican Council II, as a rupture with the past magisteriums of the Catholic Church. It is only then they are employed.
To affirm an irrational reasoning with which traditional Church teaching is discarded  is a canonical requirement. at the Marriage Tribunal and for canon law advocates. This is unethical and dishonest. This is not being Catholic. 
If a priest, bishop, cardinal or the two popes state that invisible people are physically visible in general in 2017 it is a lie. It still is falsehood and deception no matter how important the person is. 
Bishop Olson contradicts the Principle of Non Contradiction.It is a fact of life that people in Heaven cannot be seen on earth. It is a fact of life that there are no known cases of the baptism of desire in 2017. It is an objective fact that we cannot see someone saved invincible ignorance and without the baptism of water.Tis is something obvious. Even a school student would understand and agree here. So there cannot be any known exception to the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus, which says all need to be members of the Church for salvation. There cannot be a practical exception mentioned in Vatican Council II to the  'rigorist interpretation' of the dogma outside the Church there is no salvation.
Yet all the members of the diocese Marriage Tribunal subscribe to this false reasoning. They reject Vatican Council II( Feeneyite) and affirm Vatican Council II( Cushingite). They reject extra ecclesiam nulla salus ( Feeneyite) and support an innovative new version of the dogma which is Cushingite, always affirming that what is invisible is objective.
During the Fischer More College controversy they were informed.They ignored me. They still are doing the same.
There must be a formal system, canonical or legal( secular) by which this deception in the offices of the Chancery at Fort Worth can be controlled.
Parents send their children to religious and lay people at Forth Worth Chancery offices who tell lies and ignore you when this is pointed out to them.
Members of the Fort Worth, Texas Latin Mass community can canonically check what is being taught in catechesis and also the beliefs of members of the Tribunal Marriage Annulment and other offices.The issue is being unethical, dishonest an non professional and this becomes a legal issue.It is as legal as Reporting Abuse.

1.The theology of the Chancery members  is based on an irrational premise.This would also be relevant under secular laws. Since it is intentionally telling children, youth and adults a lie.It is deception.
2.There are two interpretations of Vatican Council II one is rational and the other is irrational. The irrational one has been accepted  by Bishop Olson.Those who employ a false premise are  in good standing with the bishop, the USCCB and the Vatican. They all violate the Principle of Non Contradiction and are legally deceptive and unethical.
3.Since an irrational theology is used as interpretation there  are new doctrines on salvation, ecumenism, inter religious dialogue, understanding of Church,mission, interpretation of Scriptures etc. This is not Catholic.
Aside from this being a canonical issue within the Catholic Church it violates the secular laws. The intentional false hood and irrationality of the employed staff is not legal. 
All this confusion is there in Chancery offices in Catechesis, Evangelisation, Marriage Tribunal, inter religious dialogue, ecumenism...    -Lionel Andrades


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To investigate and adjudicate petitions for invalidity of marriage.
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Anh Q. Tran, JCL Judicial Vicar 

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