Friday, July 28, 2017

Atheistic Abortionist in the Church - Catholic Pro-lifers thrown out

Atheistic Abortionist in the Church - Catholic Pro-lifers thrown out

On July 26 the infamous Italian abortionist Emma Bonino, 69, spoke in the parish-church of San Defendente, Ronco di Cassato, Italy, in order to promote a pro-immigration campaign.

For decades Bonino has been a diabolical presence in Italian politics. As an abortionist she murdered more than 10'000 children, her own included. She led the campaign that succeeded in introducing abortion in Italy in 1978. Now Bonino promotes stealing the young population from poor countries in order to fill the population gap in Italy.

The pro-life organisation “Ora et labora in difesa della vita” organised prayer rallies against Bonino in front of the bishop’s house and in front of the parish church.

Quoting Pope Francis, the parish-priest, Father Mario Marchiori, replied that his church was a "place of welcome". He was proven wrong. Antonio Carrabino reports on Twitter that during the event Catholics tried to address abortion and demographic decline but were shouted at by the others, “shame, shame”.

Deacon Nick Donnelly learned that Father Marchiori even called the police in order to remove the Catholics from the church.

Picture: Emma Bonino / Rita Bernardini, 20 settembre 2007 © Blackcat, CC BY-SA#newsQznayrfqsq

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