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Don't tilt the boat : accept Cushingism, the new theology, in all the pontifical universities

See the influence of the Masons and others on Catholic theology. Pontifical universities choose Cushingism as a theology. It is irrational and an innovation.They call it a new theology.At Vatican Council II Yves Congar, Joseph Ratzinger, Karl Rahner   all promoted Cushingism.As Prefect for the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith(CDF), Cardinal Ratzinger consolidated the error.As Prefect of the CDF there was no announcement. Cushingism was wrong.It was a Church-error. It created the 'hermeneutic of rupture'.
The 2016-2017 academic syllabus on line shows that in Ecclesiology classes at theological institutions, colleges and universities,they all use Cushingism.
Fr.Tomasso Stancati O.P, at the Angelicum Univeristy,Rome confidently assumes Lumen Gentium is a break with the past, a rupture with Tradition.LG 16 (invincible ignorance) with his Cushingite reasoning refers to an objective case.It is visible instead of visible.He refers to someone personally known, who is saved without the baptism of water in the Catholic Church.For him, unlike me, LG 16 is not just a hypothetical case and hypothetically just about anything can be assumed.
With Fr.Stancatti's premise(visible LG 16)  and conclusion(LG 16-explicit is a break with EENS),there is a rupture with the old ecclesiology, the exclusivist ecclesiology.
Similarly  Sandra Mazzolini, a lay professor of ecclesiology, at the Urbaniana University tells students that there has been 'a development' of the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus(EENS). Again it is Vatican Council II interpreted with Cushingism.This means there are known exceptions to the dogma EENS for Mazzolini.Fr.P. Saldhana and Fr.F.Giordano also teach Cushingism as a theology and it is politically approved by Cardinal Muller.

Cardinal Muller and Archbishop Di Noia, interpreted the dogma EENS and Vatican Council II with Cushingism in interviews with Edward Pentin for the National Catholic Register.

So at all pontifical universities the bibliography for the theology and ecclesiology courses have Cushingite writers.Cardinal Kasper's 'The Mystery of the Church' is there in most lists of recommended books. He like Semararo, Kung, Phillips and others, are calling the conclusions of the new theology, the irrational theology, ' a mystery'.Catholic students have to accept all this.

When I talk with young people they say it is a mystery.They know it doesn't make sense.They know that the Church has not officially declared all this as another 'mystery'.But what is the alternative for them? The Church, the present magisterium, is not able to ask professors to interpret magisterial documents with Feeneyism instead of Cushingism.In the Catechism of the Catholic Church (n.846) Cardinal Kasper called the dogma EENS an 'aphorism'.

Students for their Licentiate or Baccalaureate, many of them priests, have to learn about Yves Congar, a Cushingite.They are not told that Congar made a mistake in theology.He used as irrational philosophical premise.The same mistake was made by Fr.Karl Rahner and Fr.Hans

Kung.They were all influenced by the new theology in the Letter of the Holy Office 1949 and the Baltimore Catechism.

The students know that there is no traditionalist or conservative group of Catholics , who are willing  to start a new Catholic theological institute, which will interpret all Church documents with Feeneyism.Even if there was such a group the liberal rabbis and the rest of the Left would threathen them with leftist law.The person who owns the theological premises would be labelled anti Semitic or a hater.Things are so bad that Rorate Caeili and the other bloggers cannot even write about this issue and oppose the Cushingites.

However it is largely due to ignorance that the traditionalists and sedevacantists follow the Cushingite theology in the interpretation of Vatican Council II and EENS.They proudly say they are not Feeneyites. It was Archbishop Lefebvre who made the original mistake.Lefebvre was a Cushingite like  the Von Hildebrands and Michael Davis.They innocently followed the Cardinal Marchetti Letter in 1949.Throughout Vatican Council II, the excommunication of Fr.Leonard Feeney was maintained, so that the confusion was solidified.

Theology was so important for changing the doctrines of the Catholic Church on salvation( with related effects on mission and evangelisation) that a special mandatum has to be approved by the bishop.Only the bishop can given a Catholic permission to teach theology.Theology has to be kept under control.The new theology has to be enforced.So now even the President of Italy has issued a Decree on who is qualified to teach the erroneous theology.Only the irrational theology,based on a lie, can be taught to Catholic students during Religion Class at secondary schools.Theology has been made political after Vatican Council II.

The average Catholic layman, who is Feeneyite, as was the saints and popes whom he reads about, is told," You are wrong.Since you have not learnt theology". According to the new theology, the popes and saints were all wrong on EENS.


This is knowingly and consciously being taught by Fr.Francesco Giordano, the new Executive Director of the Rome Office of the Human Life International.In conscience he opposes abortion and euthanasia and in conscience he teaches the new theology.This is approved by the President and officials of Human Life International.

Fr.Giordano has a Licentiate in Theology from the Angelicam University. He presented his thesis on Feeneyism/ Outside the Church there is no salvation.His Cushingite theology was approved by the Rector of the Angelicum who was also the Secretary of the International Theological Commission, which also has standardized Cushingism.Fr.Giordano knows exactly what I am saying and as a priest he should support me.

The HLI Staff do not practise their faith and call themself Catholics. Even Catholic mothers who abort  their babies or use contraception could rationalize and justify what they do.

Similarly the former Director of the HLI office in Rome, Mons.Ignacio Barrerrio, would tell me that there are no known exceptions to the dogma EENS,there cannot be exceptions.However he said that in public he would not affirm Feeneyism.Over the last decade they have been asking me to 'be prudent'.

Prudent Fr.Francesco Giordano teaches extra ecclesiam nulla salus in English at the 2016-2017 semesters at the Angelicum University. See the Course of Study for 2016-2017 at the pontifical universities.All of them are teaching Cushingism as approved theology.Students would matter of factly tell me that ecclesiology has been changed.The cardinals and bishops of the Vatican Curia would agree. Even Cardinal Burke and Bishop Schneider have compromised.

Their message is : Don't tilt the boat : accept Cushingism.Accept Cushingism.Accept the new theology in pontificial universities.

-Lionel Andrades


President of Italy expects Catholic theology teachers to lie and teach irrationality to get a Licence in Theology : condition for teaching Catholic Religion in secondary schools

Cal Cop 2015 16
Syllabus for 2016-2017 shows that knowing an 'official irrationality' is obligatory for those who want to study theology at the Salesian university in Rome

Pontifical Universities in their 2016-2017 theology semester affirm the Magisterial Heresy : hypothetical cases in Vatican Council II are considered explicit exceptions to the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus

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Scholasticum is another liberal Catholic theological institute in Italy with a traditionalist veneer

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Muller, Di Noia and Fellay made an objective error in the interpretation of Vatican Council II and traditionalists are in a fix. They cannot correct me and neither do they want to say that they were wrong all these years and have been interpreting Vatican Council II with an irrational reasoning

Cardinal Muller, Archbishop Di Noia and Bishop Fellay's theology is based on hypothetical cases being explicit exceptions to the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus

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Apologists Mons. Clifford Fenton, Fr.William Most and Fr. John Hardon considered implicit cases as being explicit: traditionalists agree any one who does this is wrong

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Lumen Gentium was written assuming 'there are known cases of known salvation outside the Roman Catholic Church'! In this way there was a change in ecclesiology : Magisterial heresy

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