Sunday, June 12, 2016

In obedience

Due to obedience Catholic religious, priests and nuns, cardinals and bishops, do not say that the magisterium made a mistake and there are no hypothetical cases, known in real life, in person, concrete, defacto.
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Cardinal Gerhard  Muller, Archbishop Augustine Di Noia and Bishop Bernard Fellay made a mistake to assume that a theoretical possibility,was an actual exception to the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus (EENS).
Boniface on the blog Unam Sanctam Catholicam will not say if there was a mistake made by Cardinal Muller, Archbishop Di Noia and Bishop Fellay.He refuses to touch the subject perhaps due to obedience.I wouldn't know.
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Even priests like Fr.John Zuhlsdorf will not comment, on hypothetical cases being exceptions to EENS ? Did the magisterium and the SSPX make a mistake? 
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I know some priests who have answered this question and whom I have quoted on this blog,were cautioned by either the Vicariate in Rome or the Vatican.Two of them 'suddenly' left Rome one for India the other for Brazil.The one from India was working for Cardinal Tauran's office for inter religious dialogue.
There is a grand deception on Catholic doctrine. Even blogs,including Rorate Caeli, are not touching the subject.
Cardinal Muller, Archbishop Di Noia and Bishop Fellay have made a doctrinal mistake in public but Edward Pentin who has been cautioned before, will not bring up the subject of EENS again.Nor will he be allowed to discuss if Vatican Council II was really Feeneyite all this time.
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La Domenica, the Society of St. Paul, Sunday Mass leaflet in Italian, has its prayer intentions censored.It cannot say, 'Let us pray for non Catholics, who according to Vatican Council II are on the way to Hell ,if they do not enter the Catholic Church'. The Vatican will not give them permission.Similarly it cannot be said that there is a mistake in the magisterium and SSPX interpretation of Vatican Council II.
Lay people do not have a vow of obedience to follow.Yet LifeSite, Church Militant TV and the Remnant will not discussed this issue.They expect the bishops to discuss it but they will not do so.LifeSites and CMTV would want to be accepted by the Diocesan bishop and the Vatican.The Remnant,Louie Verrecchio, John Vennari and Christopher Ferrara would not want to offend the SSPX.
Recently Louie Verrecchio was critical of Michael Voris for not commenting on the Vatican Document on inter religious dialogue with the Jews but he did not mention that the SSPX also did not comment on this controversial document.
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Cardinals want to be prudent too like lay persons.I spoke with Cardinal Arinze during the controversy of the Good Friday Prayer for the Conversion of the Jews.I quoted him.The next time I saw him at the Vatican I got an angry stare.
The other day I come across an old video of Cardinal Arinze being interviewed by John Henry Weston.LifeSites would dare not ask Cardinal Arinze if Cardinal Muller, Archbishop Di Noia and Bishop Fellay made a mistake.As if it is not already obvious LifeSites will not comment on this issue. There are some subjects which are censored.Patrick Archbold knows it.-Lionel Andrades

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