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The influence of Americanism is so strong in the whole Church that the possibility of a Vatican Council II which is pro-Feeneyite seems inconceivable

pope leoComment from The Remnant Newspaper : Testem Benevolentiae Nostrae: Americanism and Pope Leo XIII
The writer has not addressed the specific cause of the problem. She has only indicated that the problem was recognised before the 1960's.She has not mentioned the confusion in the Baltimore Catechism which was repeated in the Catechism of St. Pius X. She recognises that the problem did not begin with Vatican Council II but it is expressed in Vatican Council II.

'At that time, 1899, Gibbons was the leading Catholic prelate of the US.' she says.
Yes and in 1891 he approved the Baltimore Catechism which created a new baptism and placed it in the Baptism  Section of the Catechism. No one can administer this baptism. No human has seen this baptism. No one in faith can know the results of this baptism. Yet it is accepted as a known baptism like the baptism of water.
Before 1891 this 'baptism' was always considered a hypothetical case.For Archbishop Gibbons it was a concrete baptism, like the baptism of water.
So the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus was rejected in 1949 Boston, since 1891 Baltimore said there are known exceptions to the traditional dogma.There  is a known baptism of desire and blood without the baptism of water.
Since the hypothetical baptism of desire without the baptism of water, was accepted in Baltimore and Boston, the Americanists placed this new discovery in Vatican Council II (AG 7, LG 14). They  said that Vatican Council II is a break with Tradition.
This was accepted by the traditionalists, i.e a hypothetical baptism of desire is a concrete exception to all needing to convert into the Church.
Archbishop Lefebvre accepted this. So did Michael Davies and the SSPX bishops.
Until today the writer cannot discuss if a Vatican Council II can be accepted in which hypothetical cases are only hypothetical and not objective.
The influence of Americanism is so strong in the whole Church that the possibility of a Vatican Council II which is pro-Feeneyite seems inconceivable.-Lionel Andrades

Proclaim the Catholic Faith: The Second Vatican Council interpreted with Feeneyism changes the discussion:Ask the CDF / Ecclesia Dei to affirm the Second Vatican Council (Feeneyite version)

The SSPX is not faithful to the Syllabus of Errors.Theologically, for SSPX bishops and many priests , there are exceptions to the Syllabus teachings on other religions and Christian communities.

SSPX in its theological and philosophical formation is using the false premise and conclusion which is the basis of the new theology

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