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Liberal theology in a testimony of a false faith today at the Basilica of St.Andrea della Fratte, Rome.

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Today that was a beautiful 10 a.m Holy Mass in Italian at the Basilica Sant Andrea della Fratte,Piazza Spagna,which was being telecast live by TV2000. I was present also for the 8.30 a.m Mass .There was a wonderful choir.
At the 8.30 a.m Mass my sarcastic monkey-mind was  functioning.I would try to get recollected.It was before the Altar of the Miracle, where the Jewish financier Alphonse Ratsibonne in a flash of a second saw Our Lady and he was shown the beauty of the Catholic Church and its necessity for the salvation of all people.I lost my recollection when during the Prayer Intentions the lector referred to 'testimone di fede'(testimony of the faith).
Then at the 10 a.m Mass the young priest, a Minim Father,when speaking about the Kingdom of God said the Kingdom of God is separate from the Church.He was correct when he said that the seeds, the germs of the Kingdom of God are present in the Church, and the Kingdom of God is more than the Church in the sense that it would exist at the end of the world.But he bluntly said that the Church was different from the Kingdom of God.He was catering for the liberals and Masons whether he knew it or not.The liberals have been campaigning all these years to theologically separate the Kingdom of God from the Church.Then in Dominus Iesus Cardinal Ratzinger corrected this error. He said that the Church cannot be separated from the Kingdom of God.
The Minim priests at Sant Andrea della Fratte are a liberal 'non believing' community.They do not uphold the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus like St. Maximillian Kolbe who celebrated his First Mass at this altar.St. Maximillian Kolbe was a Feeneyite.In the 1930's there was no Cushingite theology claiming invisible people were visible exceptions to traditional exclusivist ecclesiology.St.Maximillian Kolbe would not separate Jesus from the Church or the Kingdom of God from the Church.They were not 'different'.
Jesus in the Catholic Church is the pearl of great price, the treasure the man finds in the field and sells everything to buy it.This was the Gospel Reading today and so the priest should have proclaimed the Social Reign of Christ the King over all political legislation and the non separation of Church and State, since outside the Church there is no salvation.Every  one needs to enter the Mystical Body of Jesus for salvation.It is the Catholic Church.There is no entry into the Kingdom of God without membership in the Catholic Church.The Kingdom of God is the Catholic Church present today on earth.But he cannot say this since he can only proclaim theology which is permitted by the political Left and ecclesiastical Masonry.
There is no no separation of the Kingdom of God and the Catholic Church and so all  Christians; non Catholics, have to enter the Catholic Church as members to see the Kingdom of God after the Final Judgement. Other Christians will not find the pearl of great price or the treasure hidden in the field, since they choose not to enter the Kingdom of God which is the Catholic Church on earth.
So the Minim Father on TV 2000 which features Enzo Bianchi, has pleased the Left and separated the Kingdom of God from the necessity of membership in the Catholic Church.
This is 'the false church' at Sant Andrea della Fratte, which is the parochial church of the locality.Here the Catechism classes for First Communicants held by the religious Sisters is based on irrational Cushingite theology.A certificate to teach Catechism is only given to Cushingite teachers.Only Cushingism is approved by the Rome Vicariate which is under the watchful eyes of the Jewish left rabbis here.
This is a false faith. Cushingism is a false theology which was approved by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger as Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith(CDF).It is useful for the false ecumenism of Enzo Bianchi.
The Sisters instead should teach the children that all non Catholics are on the way to Hell unless they formally enter the Catholic Church.This was how Alphonse Ratisbonne understood his new faith after the apparition.The children need to be taught that every one needs 'faith and baptism' in the Catholic Church to  go to Heaven and that there are no exceptions.The children need to be taught that we cannot know of any exception in 2017 to all needing 'faith and baptism' in the Catholic Church.There are only Catholics in Heaven(Ad Gentes 7, Lumen Gentium 14, Nostra Aetate 4 which says Catholics are the new people of God,Catechism of the Catholic Church (845,846,1257 etc),Cantate Domino, Council of Florence 1441 all interpreted with Feeneyism and not the common Cushingite theology).The children should be taught that most people are on the way to Hell since they die outside the Church without 'faith and baptism'.(AG 7, LG 14).
But the Sisters and the Minim Fathers are afraid to teach this. They have to pretend that LG 16, LG 8, LG 14, UR3, NA 2, GS 22 etc refer to visible and personally known cases in 2016, saved outside the Church.They do not want to be suspended or laicized by the Left now in power within and outside the Church. So they teach heresy.
It is over a few generations now at Sant Andrea della Fratte where new doctrines are being taught with the New Theology.Their New Theology is based upon invisible baptism of desire cases being visible exceptions to the dogma EENS.Ths is heresy.So as Pope Benedict said in March 2016, EENS is no more today(for him) like it was for the missionaries in the 16th century. It is no more like it was for Alphonse Ratisbonne and St. Maximillian Kolbe.
Pope Benedict or Pope Francis will not state that Vatican Council II can be interpreted without the New Theology and then it will be in harmony with EENS according to the magisterium of the 16th century. Politically they are not allowed to say this even though it makes sense.So they teach heresy, magisterial heresy.
Today morning there was the usual homily at Mass,it was,Jesus without the necessity of the Catholic Church for salvation.
The Mass was different from the Traditional Latin Mass,which really should have been telecast I thought to myself.It has a sacredness and beauty of its own.There was also a communion rail at the Altar of the Miracle.I was once an altar server here but after a Minim priest gave the Eucharist to a young lady who showed up for the 7 .am Mass in hot pants and a vulgar dress, I quit.
At the Traditional Latin Mass one is easily aware of the Sacrifice of Jesus, the re-enactment of the un-bloody Sacrifice of Jesus, the repetition of the one and only Sacrifice which happened at Calvary.In a continuation of that Sacrifice, Jesus takes upon Himself today, the present day sufferings of the world and so neutralizes the power of evil.
However this Mass too, in Italian, in its own way has a beauty of it is own.It has the Sacrifice of Jesus.I liked the hymns chosen for the 10 a.m Mass.
The proclamation of the Faith at this Mass, like at the old Latin Mass, is being controlled by Satan through the political Left. The Left is from Satan.
Satan does not want the popes or the priests to preach about Hell.So to preserve and protect the Church in its present form the popes choose to keep silent and demand this silence from the religious.
They have changed the exclusivist theology of outside the Church there is no salvation, a dogma, to outside the Church there is known salvation.All this has been accepted by compromising clergy and faithful.This today is the 'testimoni di fede'.-Lionel Andrades

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