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This is the Arian-like heresy in the Catholic Church today followed by the SSPX, Sacred Heart Major seminary Detroit, MHFM, all Franciscan and Jesuit communities, the CDF, Ecclesia Dei....

This is the Arian-like heresy in the Catholic Church today

Some Examples From Church Teaching
Scripture, the Saints and the Magisterium
The doctrine of Baptism of desire and blood is repeatedly evinced in both Sacred Scripture and the writings of the Saints and Doctors of the Church. Finally, there are the official pronouncements of the Magisterium. These latter are found in the Council of Trent, and subsequent catechisms and Papal encyclicals right up until the Second Vatican Council.

Lionel: None of them state that the baptism of desire(BOD) refers to visible people, personally known people saved outside the Church. This is a wrong inference made by the present magisterium and the tradtionalists and sedevacantists as on this website.
Thus there can be no doubt as to the theological orthodoxy of the matter. We see that contrary to Fr. Feeney's assertion that Baptism of Desire was primarily the brainstorm of liberal clerics at the Third Plenary Council of Baltimore in 1884 (from which we derive the Baltimore Catechism),
Lionel: He is correct they assumed that BOD was an exception to the dogma EENS and so they inferred that BOD referred to a visible and known case saved outside the Church. Only if there was a known case it could be relevant or an exception to the dogma EENS. This was an objective mistake they made at Baltimore.

the teaching goes right back to the very roots of our faith.
Lionel:The references to BOD in the Council of Trent and other Catholic sources no where state that BOD refers to practical exceptions to EENS or that these cases are physically visible. This is the false inference of the liberal theologians in Baltimore and Boston.
This today is the false inference of theologians of the Society of St.Pius X, the sedevacantists Most Holy Family Monastery of Peter and Michael Dimond.This is the Arian like heresy in the Churh it is shared at the sedevacantist seminary in Florida of Bishop Donald Sanborn and the Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit where Ralph Martin and Robert Fastiggi teach this error.This was the eror of Archbishop Lefebvre and Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger.-Lionel Andrades…/bpdsir.htm
The evidence will be treated in four parts followed by a concluding section:
1) Implicit Statements
2) Explicit Statements
3) Teaching of St. Thomas Aquinas
4) Teaching of the Magisterium
5) Concluding Remarks on Baptism and Salvation

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