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Faculty and students at Sacred Heart Major Seminary, Detroit forced to use irrational Cushingism as a theology instead of Feeneyism: Michael Voris and CMTV also have to accept it


Time to turn the tables on them.

August 4, 2017
Michael Voris, CMTV
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If one were to study the landscape of the Catholic Church in America these days, one would find not two, but three distinct groups who still self-identify as Catholic in meaningful ways. First, there are the Dissenters, well situated on the political and "theological Left." Then, we have the Traditionalists, occupying the other end of the spectrum, which is the correct end and who are certainly theologically accurate, as well as largely politically conservative. And then there are what could charitably be termed the Emotionals — a crowd typified by sharing some aspects of orthodoxy, yet having been brainwashed into a type of Protestant worship style, as well as being largely unaware of the Dissenters.
Lionel: All three groups including Michael Voris are using irrational Cushingite theology and they are not choosing for example to interpret Vatican Council II with Feeneyism. They are all dissenters in this sense.
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Indeed, some of what the Dissenters have preached and pushed for decades has been fully absorbed and accepted unquestioningly by the Emotionals particularly in areas of liturgy — from music, and reception of Holy Communion in the hand, to girl altar boys, to reception under both species, to the priest facing the people to name but a few.
Lionel: For the last 50 years they have changed the Catholic faith and this is happening even in the Archdiocese of Detroit. Faculty and students at the Sacred Heart Major Seminary, Detroit  are forced to use irrational Cushingism as a theology instead of Feeneyism. It is being taught to children in schools. The Chancery departments only teach false Cushingism.While the crew at CMTV also interpret the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus and Vatican Council II with Cushingite theology which is irrational and causes a rupture with Tradition.
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The Emotionals crowd defines itself by, as the name implies, how they feel with regard to issues of the Faith. Attitudes about the Church are based on things they like. So, for example, they will go to such and such a Mass because they like Father or the band or the feeling of community. Issues like reverence, theological import of the sermon/homily etc. barely register with them as issues at all, much less as a determinant of importance. Small "T" traditions don't hold anywhere near the significance they should for the Emotionals, if they are even recognized at all. What they don't realize is that the loss of the small "T" traditions is how their children have come to lose the big "T" traditions and are falling away from the Faith.
Lionel: They are all interpreting magisterial documents with irrational Cushingite theology and they are not warned by Michael Voris and CMTV.Nor are they corrected by Ralph Martin, Robert Fastiggi  and other members of the faculty at the Sacred Hear Major Seminary . 
All the men at the Mens Conference will have to use Cushingism as a theology since only this is permitted by the dissenter Archbishop of Detroit.They will teach it to their children and will not rebel against this innovation in the Church.
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One of the most clever tactics used by the Dissenters was to introduce "novelty" into Catholic identity — innovation that was passed off as "making things better," ultimately, meaning relevant. Once the canard was accepted that traditional Catholic belief and practice was irrelevant and not able to be "sold" to the public, then the doors were flung open to any and all innovations and novelty anyone could think of and did. This is what is largely bandied about today as the New Evangelization...
Lionel: Yes there is novelty with the New Theology, Cushingite theology and it is a means to do away with the dogma EENS and the old ecclesiology of the Church upon which depended Mission and Evangelisation. In the New Evangelisation every one has to use Cushingite theology.There is alleged known salvation outside the Church.So every one does not need to convert formally to avoid Hell.
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Time to strike back at the Dissenters crowd. They have played a masterful game of cunning and deceit for decades. Much of the work in the Church for at least the next 50 years will be pushing back at correcting the chaos these Churchmen have piled on the faithful. Right now, for the most part, they still hold sway from Rome to many individual dioceses. But they are aging rapidly. Soon they will be gone. And what they have left behind is not a group of young, hippie-minded Catholics like themselves but a Church that has been abandoned by and large. They did not change the Church, just emptied out the pews.
Lionel: Strike back by educating the people on the difference between Cushingism and Feeneyism as a theology, how we can interpret magisterial documents with either of the two and the conclusion would be different.-Lionel Andrades

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