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Errors in Dominus Iesus : It is because of Pope Benedict that there is so much doctrinal confusion in the Church. Catholics have to accept heresy.This was considered orthodoxy by Cardinal Ratzinger

Since Cardinal Ratzinger used Cushingite instead of  Feeneyite theology to interpret Vatican Council II, as he refers to an ‘ecclesiocentrism' of the past ' (Dominus Iesus 19) 1 which is no more the eccclesiology of the present times for him.This is a scandal.
He first uses and irrational premise to interpret Vatican Council II and then we he creates a non traditional conclusion which is a rupture with the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus(EENS) and the rest of Tradition, he refers to an ecclesiocentrism of the past, as if that is not the ecclesiology of the  Catholic Church any more.

' the necessity of the Church for this salvation”(Dominus Iesus 20)  for him does not refer to being  incorporated into the Church as a member. Since this  would be the past ecclesiocentrism for him.He is referring to a New Theology and New Ecclesioilogy created with alleged known salvation outside the Church. So LG 8, LG 14, LG 16, UR 3, NA 2, GS 22 are not just hypothetical cases, speculation with good will for him they are personally known people. Since only if there are personally known people saved outside the Catholic Church can there be exceptions to EENS and the past ecclesiocentrism would become obsolete.
How could he reject the old ecclesiology by using an irrational premise ? He rejects the dogma EENS too by using the false premise.This cannot be magisterial. Since the
 Holy Spirit would not use a false premise to create a rupture with Tradition.

It is because of Pope Benedict that there is so much doctrinal confusion in the Church.
Catholics have to accept heresy.This was considered orthodoxy by Cardinal Ratzinger.

Dominus Iesus is Cushingite.It is based on unknown cases of the baptism of desire, baptism of blood and being saved in invincible ignorance being visible exceptions to the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus(EENS).This is an irrational philosophy used to create a new theology and it is magisterial. It was approved by the liberal theologian Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger in Redemptoris Missio and the Catechism of the Catholic Church.2

Cardinal Ratzinger approved Christianity and the World Religions,ITC. It assumes the possibilities of salvation are exceptions to the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus.
So theoretical cases are actual, real people for Cardinal Ratzinger. Otherwise how could they  be exceptions to EENS? Someone must exist to be an exception.So with this philosophical error ( deception?) they did away with exclusive salvation in the Catholic Church.They wrote Redemptoris Missio and Dominus Iesus with this error.
So there is no exclusivist ecclesiology in Redemptoris Missio and Dominus Iesus. 
They were written with the invisible people are visible premise.Unknown cases of the baptism of desire etc are assumed to be known cases of salvation outside the Church.People saved in Heaven are allegedly visible on earth.This is the basis of the New Theology upon which is based Redemptoris Missio and Dominus  Iesus. How can possibilities be real people ? I cannot meet someone saved with  the baptism of desire. I do not know any one saved in invincible ignorance or seeds  of the Word or elements of sanctification and truth in other religions or because we 
know someone saved because the true Church of Christ subsists in outside the Catholic Church.We cannot know of any one saved in another religions through Jesus and the Church. These are all speculative and theoretical statements.
 Yet they are interpreted as being known exceptions to EENS and the 'past 
Here is Bishop Bernard Fellay making the 'possibilities are exceptions' error.

The same declaration (LG, 8) also recognizes the presence of “salvific elements” in non-Catholic Christian communities. The decree on ecumenism goes even further, adding that “the Spirit of Christ does not refrain from using these churches and communities as means of salvation, which derive their efficacy from the fullness of grace and truth entrusted to the Catholic Church.” (UR, 3).
Such statements are irreconcilable with the dogma “No salvation outside of the Church, which was reaffirmed by a Letter of the Holy Office on August 8, 1949".
 - Bishop Bernard Fellay (April 13, 2014 ) Letter to Friends and Benefactors no. 82

Bishop Bernard Fellay made a factual mistake in Letter

 to Friends and Benefactors no. 82 : we cannot see the dead.

Bishop Bernard Fellay Superior General of the Society of St.Pius X 
(SSPX) refers to the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus. He says it is contradicted by Unitatis Redintigratio 3, Lumen Gentium 8  and Nostra Aetate  2 in Vatican Council  II which refer to salvation for non Catholics.
In his Letter to Friends and Benefactors (April  13,2014) he considers Unitatis Redintegratio 3,Lumen Gentium 8 and Nostra Aetate 2   exceptions to the dogma on exclusive salvation in the Catholic Church.This is Cushingism.

For Bishop Fellay UR 3, LG 8 and NA 2 are  exceptions to the dogma EENS and so he rejects Vatican Council II as did Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre. He is following the Letter of the  Holy Office 1949(LOHO) in which the theology is Cushingite.The same  false premise which he and Pope Benedict use, is also there in LOHO.-Lionel Andrades

DECEMBER 24, 2016
Image result for Photos of book Dominus Iesus

In Dominus Iesus Cardinal Ratzinger repeats mistakes of Redemptoris Missio :irrational philosophy creates non traditional theology
2. DECEMBER 20, 2017

Dominus Iesus is not Feeneyite but uses the irrational Cushingite theology.Cardinal Kasper is correct.
NOVEMBER 6, 2017

MAY 14, 2018
Most of Redemptoris Missio cannot be magisterial since the Holy Spirit cannot
make an objective and factual mistake
MAY 13, 2018

Missionary work among non Christians non relevant : Cushingite theology ended it
MAY 13, 2018

With Redemptoris Missio's Cushingite theology 'the dogma of the faith was lost' (Graphics)
MAY 13, 2018
At Fatima Our Lady could have been referring to the future work of the liberals including Cardinal Ratzinger
 MAY 12, 2018
Cardinal Ratzinger made an objective error in Redemptoris Missio and Dominus Iesus :
 we can undo the mistake and re-interpret Vatican Council II (Graphics)
MAY 12, 2018
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MAY 11, 2018
Presentazione del volume: "Liberare la libertà. Fede e politica nel terzo millennio"
Parts of Redemptoris Missio and Dominus Iesus of Pope John Paul II and Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger cannot be magisterial since the Holy Spirit cannot make an objective mistake : the false theology is also there in the new book Liberating Freedom: Faith and Politics in the Third Millennium / Joseph Ratzinger-Benedict XVI, “Liberare la libertà. Fede e politica nel terzo millennio” ( Cantagalli
 JUNE 27, 2016
The Holy See

All the Cardinals and Bishops at the Synod on the family in their catechesis will use the irrational right hand column in the intepretation of Vatican Council II and the Catechism of the Catholic Church
OCTOBER 2, 2014

CCC 1257-1260: If we do not know any such person in 2014 then how can we say theoretically, God is not limited to the Sacraments, every one does not need the Baptism of water
MAY 12, 2018
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MARCH 20, 2012
Bishop Fellay, Fr.Schmidberger,FSSP,Joseph Fenton seem unaware the baptism of desire is not an explicit exception to the dogma

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