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Let us not compromise with the devil even when he seems present at 'the highest levels of the church'.

Pope Francis celebrates Mass for the Solemnity of Pentecost in St. Peter's Square on June 4, 2017. Credit: Daniel Ibáñez/CNA.

Pope on Pentecost: Division isn’t 

from the Holy 



.- On
Pentecost Sunday, Pope Francis
 said that division doesn’t come
from the Holy Spirit, who forms
 the universal Church with both
 unity and diversity – and we
must pray to resist the temptation
to encourage division.
Lionel: This pope 
is a major source of 
division and heresy 
and I can believe 
it is not from the Holy
The Holy Spirit creates diversity
in unity, Pope Francis said June
4, because in every time and
place he gives and nurtures
different charisms and graces.
 And he does so in a way that
 “effects true union, according
to God’s will, a union that is not
 uniformity, but unity in difference.”
Lionel: The Holy Spirit 
does not teach like
 Pope Francis that 
invisible cases of the 
baptism of desire 
are visible people today.
The Holy Spirit does not
 infer that invisible 
people are visible 
exceptions to the 
dogma extra ecclesiam
 nulla salus. The Holy 
Spirit cannot infer that 
Vatican Council II (LG 
16 etc) refers to known
 cases of salvation outside
 the Church.Yet all this
 is the liberal Masonic
 ideology of Pope Francis.
The Holy Spirit cannot
 approve of the Eucharist
 being given to Catholics
 in mortal sin in Germany,
 England, Malta etc. Yet 
this is approved by the
 pope. This is the 
ideology of the devil.
But there are two temptations we
must avoid in order to receive these
graces, he warned. One is the temptation
 to seek diversity without unity, which
 is what happens when we take sides or
 get locked in our own way of doing
things, perhaps even thinking that we
are better than other people or always
 in the right.
Lionel:For him and the 
Masons this is 'triumphalism'.
 It cannot be accepted since
 it is contrary to the new
 church and new image of
 Jesus for which they are
 working for.There will be
 no mortal sin, no
Hell and no triumphalism.
There will be a new religion 
without  Catholic 
Tradition which is 'ideology'.
“When this happens, we choose the part
 over the whole, belonging to this or that
 group before belonging to the Church,”
he said. “We become avid supporters
for one side, rather than brothers and
sisters in the one Spirit. We become
Christians of the ‘right’ or the ‘left,’
 before being on the side of Jesus.”
Lionel: He means Jesus 
is already on the 'Left', 
and the rest of the Church 
has to discover it or face 
the consequences.
Pope Francis spoke about the Holy Spirit
during the celebration of Mass for around
 60,000 people in St. Peter’s Square for the
 Solemnity of Pentecost, the birthday of
the Church, which fell on June 4 this
He explained that another common 
temptation people can fall into is 
the opposite: to seek unity without
 diversity. This makes unity into 
uniformity: “everyone has to do 
everything together and in the 
same way, always thinking alike.”
Lionel: Priests and nuns
 are saying that the only 
thing which counts 
is following your 
conscience.This is 
what Pope Francis 
teaches. There is no 
objective reality of Hell 
and Heaven and mortal
 sin.Pope Francis, of 
course, will follow 
his conscience and 
suspend them,if they 
affirm triumphalism, 
objective reality 
and other anti-Left 
This kind of unity takes away
 freedom, Francis said. “But, as
 Saint Paul says, ‘where the Spirit
 of the Lord is, there is freedom’
(2 Cor 3:17).”
Lionel:The Spirit of the
 Lord is not there when
 the pope rejects 
Catholic dogma
 and calls it triumphalism.
 The Spirit of the Lord
 is not there when the 
pope interprets Vatican
 Council II with an 
irrational premise to 
make it ideological.
The Spirit of the Lord
 is not there when a
 pope many times does
 not rrepresent Jesus
 but Satan, with his
 sophistry and 
speciousness.This cannot 
come from the Holy Spirit.
“So the prayer we make to the Holy
Spirit is for the grace to receive his
unity, a glance that, leaving personal
preferences aside, embraces and loves
 his Church, our Church,” he continued.
Lionel: 'Our Church'? The Church
 of Cardinal Carlo Martini cannot
 be 'our church', Martinii could
 be somewhere, now, screaming.
Martini wrote a book, with a title
 saying we are all in the same
 boat. Someone clarified, in the
 Franciscans of the Immaculate
 magazine,Il Settimanale di Padre 
Pio, that we are all not in the 
same boat.Since  Cardinal
 Martini was in the boat 
described by Dante.It ferried 
the damned across the river.
Making this prayer, then we can “accept
 responsibility for unity among all, to wipe
 out the gossip that sows the darnel of
discord and the poison of envy, since to be
 men and women of the Church means
being men and women of communion.”
Lionel: Not in communion 
with Martini and a pope
 who rejects the moral and
 faith teachings of 
the Church and persecutes
 those who are faithful to it. 
We cannot be in 
communion with the 
Masons in and out of 
the Church.
We have to follow the
 magisterium of the Church
 which does not change.
This is the Holy Spirit.We 
do not follow the present
magisterium directed by 
Talmudic Jews, liberal 
rabbis who promote the
 things of Satan like
 homosexuality, abortion,
 pornography, sacrilege in
 the Church....We first
 have to be in communion
 with Jesus but not as 
Pope Francis and the
Jesuits understand Him.
We should also pray, he went on, “to ask
 for a heart that feels that the Church is
our Mother and our home, an open and
welcoming home where the manifold
joy of the Holy Spirit is shared.”
Lionel: We feel this but this 
is not the Church of Pope
 Francis, the Jesuits and 
ecclesiastical Masonry.
Pope Francis explained how the Holy
Spirit is a “Creator Spirit,” constantly
bringing about new things.
Lionel: There is also the
 evil spirit which brings 
innovations of evil with
 heretical new doctrines,
 false theology, sacrilege 
and magisterial apostasy.
These are new things which
 Pope Francis supports and
 this is not from the Holy 
 The readings for Mass, he said, show
us two new things in particular that the
Spirit creates.
“In the first reading, the Spirit makes
 of the disciples a new people; in the
Gospel, he creates in the disciples a
new heart.”
The first is a new people. “On the day of
 Pentecost, the Spirit came down from
 heaven, in the form of ‘divided tongues,
 as of fire... [that] rested on each of them.
 All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit
, and began to speak in other languages’
(Acts 2:3-4).”
“This is how the word of God describes
the working of the Spirit: first he rests on
 each and then brings all of them together
in fellowship. To each he gives a gift, and
 then gathers them all into unity,” the
 Pope said.

The second thing the Holy Spirit renews
 is the heart. The first gift of Jesus after
 his resurrection is the gift of the Holy
Spirit. Above all, he gives the disciples
the ability to forgive sins, saying to them:
 “Receive the Holy Spirit. If you forgive
 the sins of any, they are forgiven
them” (Jn 20:22-23).”
“Here we see the beginning of the
Church,” he said, “the glue that
holds us together, the cement that
binds the bricks of the house:
Lionel: This was the 
beginning of the Church,
 which has not changed.
The 'glue' still hold us 
together inspite of the 
work of the evil one now
 expressed, as Our Lady
 told Fr. Stefano Gobbi
 of the Marian Movement
 of Priests, 'at the 
highest levels of the church'.
The general apostasy 
which are Lady of Fatima
 predicted has not spared
 the two popes who follow
 Talmudic rabbis, even
 though the Talmuds
 blaspheme Jesus and
 Our Lady.
Forgiveness is “the greatest love of all,”
 Pope Francis said, saying that it
preserves unity and prevents
collapse. It consolidates and strengthens.
Lionel: I personally forgive
 heretics even when they
 are popes.  I forgive those 
who are leading Catholics 
towards the fires of Hell. 
It is not for me to
condemn. It will be the
Word which will judge 
and condemn after 
death.So forgiveness 
is not the issue.
“Forgiveness sets our hearts free
and enables us to start afresh.
Forgiveness gives hope; without
forgiveness, the Church is not
built up.”
Lionel: The issue here is
 truth and falsehood, 
heresy and orthodoxy, Hell
 and Heaven.It is not 
forgiveness.We cannot 
call the evil spirit the 
Holy Spirit.
Embracing a spirit of forgiveness helps
 us to resolve problems with harmony,
 rejecting other ways, such as hasty
 judgment and criticism of others. Let
 us as ask for the grace to make Our
 Holy Mother Church more beautiful
 with a renewed spirit of forgiveness
and self-correction, he said.
Lionel: Let us not 
compromise with the 
devil even when he 
seems present at 'the
 highest levels of the 
Only after we do this, he explained,
will we “be able to correct others in
Lionel: He means: sell 
them his new pro- Satan
“The Holy Spirit is the fire of love
 burning in the Church and in
our hearts, even though we
often cover him with the ash of
 our sins,” the Pope concluded.
“Let us ask him: ‘Spirit of God,
Lord, who dwell in my heart
and in the heart of the Church,
 guiding and shaping her in
diversity, come! Like water, we
need you to live. Come down
upon us anew, teach us unity,
 renew our hearts and teach us
to love as you love us, to forgive
 as you forgive us. Amen.’”
Lionel: Teach us and 
help us  to avoid 
compromises with 
the devil and the 
world even when they 
come to us in extra 
ordinary ways within
the Church.-Lionel Andrades

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