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For the majority of Catholics the Nicene Creed and the EENS has been changed, the Syllabus of Errors rejected, the old ecclesiology based on EENS eliminated so there is no ecumenism of return,there is no more traditional mission since outside the Church there is known salvation

Comment from the blog 1Peter5 : 
Abp. Pozzo on SSPX: Disputed Vatican II Documents Are 

"Finally, Benedict XVI never stated that the issue was solely
On the contrary, that is exactly what he said: "This disciplinary
 level needs to be distinguished from the doctrinal level.
 The fact that the
 Society of Saint Pius X does not possess a canonical
status in the Church is not, in the end, based on disciplinary
 but on doctrinal reasons...." Letter to Bishops
 on Remission of Excommunications (2009).
Finally, to quote the Catholic Encyclopedia re you claim
 about communio: "However, not every disobedience is a
schism; in order to possess this character it must
include besides the transgression
 of the commands of superiors, denial of their Divine right
 to command."
SSPX has never denied the divine right of the Pope to
However they will not accept Vatican
 Council II( Cushingite) as do the 
popes.So doctrinally they disobey
 the popes.They also criticize the 
pastoral results of the popes 
doctrinal position.
So there is doctrinal disobedience
 and disobedience over the praxis
 of the magisterium's doctrinal
They also will not interpret Vatican
 Council II with Feeneyism nor 
accept the dogma extra ecclesiam
 nulla salus ( Feneyite). So there 
is doctrinal issue here too.
If they did accept Vatican Council II 
and EENS without the false 
premise and conclusion again there
 would be a doctrinal problem 
with the Vatican. Since the
 Vatican's interpretation is 
heretical and irrational. We have
magisterial heresy today.
On the contrary, they acknowledge it explicitly. Their
disobedience respecting the survival of their Society,
 so they argue, was motivated by a state of emergency
in the Church. Nor are they under any command today to
 disband the Society. Its right to exist is recognized. And
now they have been offered a plan for its canonical
Lionel: The plan includes accepting
 a heretical and irrational version
 of Vatican Council II when a
 traditional version is there.
If they accept the magisterium's
 version of Vatican Council II 
they would be affirming heresy.
Moreover, the Vatican actually designated Bishop Fellay
as the tribunal of first instance in an administrative recourse
involving a priest, and the local bishop, obviously on orders
from the Vatican, has declared that the recent ordinations in
 Germany incur no penalty.
Lionel: Since they want the SSPX 
to accept their heretical 
interpretation of Vatican Council
 II.They will then be in line with 
the Left as are the two popes.
As SSPX is not in schism, they can hardly have "broken
 communion" with Rome. There is no special category of
"broken communion" short of schism that applies only to
 SSPX while the vast majority of Catholics today, who defy
 the most basic and infallible teaching on faith and morals,
 are considered to be "in communion" with Rome.
 Lionel: They 'defy the most basic 
and infallible teaching on faith
 and morals, are considered
 to be "in communion" with 
Rome' since Rome has 
eliminated the dogma extra
 ecclesiam nulla salus in 
doctrine and praxis. They
 did this by intterpreting Vatican
 Council II and other magisterial 
documents with the new 
theology.The theology is based
 on the principle of hypothetical 
cases being explicit and non 
hypothetical in the present times.
 That is imaginary cases are 
objectively seen and known.So the
 conclusion is irrational.
So for the vast majority of 
Catholics the Nicene Creed
 has been changed, the dogma EENS 
rejected, the Syllabus of Errors 
rejected, the old ecclesiology based
 on EENS has been eliminated and so 
there is no more an ecumenism of
 return, is obsolete,there is 
no more traditional mission since 
outside the Church there 
is known salvation....
- Lionel Andrades

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