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SSPX is not fully Catholic since it does not accept magisterial documents interpreted rationally: instead it assumes hypothetical cases are explicit exceptions to EENS,an ecumenism of return etc.


Comments from the blog 1Peter5: Abp. Pozzo on SSPX:

 Disputed Vatican II Documents Are Non-Doctrinal

Chris Ferrara  jpaYMCA  15 hours ago

You quote Benedict as follows: "Consequently the
 Church must react by employing her most
severe punishment – excommunication – with the
aim of calling those thus punished to repent and
to return to unity. Twenty years after the ordinations
, this goal has sadly not yet been attained. |||...In
order to make this clear once again: until the
 DOCTRINAL questions are clarified, the Society
 has no canonical status in the Church, and its
 ministers – even though they have been freed
 of the ecclesiastical penalty – do not legitimately
 exercise any ministry in the Church."
Lionel:Yes. There is doctrinal
 disagreement between 
the SSPX and the Vatican.
1.The SSPX does not accept
 Vatican Council II.
2.The SSPX does not accept 
ecumenism, inter religious
 dialogue and religious 
liberty as does the
3.The SSPX's position on
extra ecclesiam nulla 
salus is ambivalent while 
the Vatican rejects the 
So these are doctrinal
The quotation merely proves my case: Once
 again Benedict pins "unity" on doctrinal
questions, not disciplinary ones. But there
 are really no doctrinal questions preventing
regularization, as we now know from Pozzo/
Lionel: They have said 
that the SSPX must 
accept Vatican Council
 II and they mean a Vatican
 Council II which is a break
 with Tradition.
Therefore, doctrine not being an issue, the
 only thing now necessary for SSPX's
"return to unity" is simply to give their
seminaries, churches and schools
formal canonical approval---a mere
 technicality Francis could implement
 with a stroke of his pen.
Lionel : Doctrine not being 
an issue?
Meanwhile, no one has any right to say
 that the adherents of the Society are no
t in union with Rome when they are not
 excommunicated and can receive the
 Sacraments in any Catholic church
 whatsoever, like any other Catholic
 (including hundreds of millions
 of pew-sitters who reject basic
 teachings on faith and morals).
Lionel: They are in 
union with Rome 
which interprets 
Vatican Council II
 with an innovation
 and expects the 
SSPX to accept the 
non traditional 
conclusion? It is
 the SSPX and 
Ferrara who 
have to remove 
the confusion.
Archbishop Lefebvre
 made a doctrinal 
mistake, I have 
pointed out many
 times.The SSPX 
needs to admit 
this. Instead they
 do not contradict me
 and nor do they
 admit that SSPX 
made a doctrinal error.
You cannot simply invent, just for the
 Society, what you call a "third state"
 that is neither schism nor full
membership in the Church in order
 to make sense of Benedict's claim
that Catholics who are under no
 sentence of excommunication
 have not "returned" to unity.
Lionel: They are not in 
unity since they will not
 accept Vatican Council
 II ( Cushingite).Vatican 
Council II (Cushingite)
 is heretical.It is a 
rupture with the past.
It is absurd, moreover, that the "return
 to unity" has been abandoned as to
Protestants whose decadent sects are
highways to Hell but maintained only
 as to the Society, which is fully Catholic.
 Come on.
Lionel: The Society is not
 fully Catholic since
 it does not accept 
magisterial documents
rationally.It assumes
 hypothetical cases are
 explicit in the present
 times and then 
concludes there are 
exceptions to the 
dogma extra 
ecclesiam nulla 
salus, the ecumenism
 of return, the 
Syllabus of Errors etc.
-Lionel Andrades

Pope Benedict's new theology

 was a rupture with the 

Faith.If we avoid his new 

theology in the interpretation

 of magisterial documents 

there is a continuity with 

Tradition. There is then

 no doctrinal problem

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