Wednesday, March 15, 2017

You are still mentioning BOD and I.I with reference to EENS?

 We  agree that Salvation outside the Catholic Church is not a position
 that can be engaged upon  any Catholic. We only know of any 
circumstances whereby a person has been saved by BOB OR BOD
 when it is professed by the Catholic Church.  The Catholic Church
 has taught for numerous centuries without  doubt that there have 
been Saints of BOB and BOD.. We do not know where and when
 God has admitted a person to Purgatory/Heaven by the will of God
 whether it be by BOB, BOD or II other than  all Saints that have
 been professed by the Catholic Church for 20 plus centuries.. It is
 the Catholic Church teaching which was disagreed with by yourself 
and Father Feeney that ANYONE could be saved by BOB< BOD< or
 II. Although you openly disagree with Father Feeney on BOB. This
 is nonsense and a direct attack on God for all times and 
circumstances that we could not even perceive or know about during
 the history of he Catholic Church and God Himself.  The letter of 
1949 did great damage in mentioning both in the same letter which
 was interpreted by most to mean that WE could project those that 
could be saved by BOB< BOD or II which is nonsense. II belongs 
solely to God for salvation whereas there are known cases of BOB
 and  BOD as professed as Saints by the Catholic Church as 
CATHOLICS. A catechist who died before they received Baptism 
by water are certainily in Heaven/Purgatory/Hell UNKNOWN to 
us but certanilly  a teaching of the Catholic Church.  
I am coming to this issue from a completely different angle.
I am saying like you that there are no known cases of a non 
Catholic saved in invincible ignorance and without the 
baptism of water.That's all.
You have agreed that there are no such cases in the past
 or present which can be seen or known personally.
So you can speculate as much as you want and affirm
 being saved in invincible ignorance. I will not object.
But do not mention it with reference to EENS.
Since for I.I to be relevant to EENS it must exist. It must
 exist in our reality.There is no such case you have said.

You are still mentioning BOD and I.I with reference to EENS?
-Lionel Andrades

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