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When we have a Catholic college which is Feeneyite, then we will have a truly Catholic college.It will have a Catholic identity

For Deacon Edward Schaefer's traditional college to be Catholic its philosophy and theology would have to be Feeneyite and not Cushingite.They may not get accreditation but then they would still be affirming the old ecclesiology without rejecting Vatican Council II.
With Cushingism you have known salvation outside the Church and so there is the new ecumenism.
With Feeneyism you do not have known salvaton outside the Church so there is no salvation outside the Church. Protestants and Orthodox Christians need to convert.
With Cushingism entering the Church is no more a priority so there can be a separation of Church and State and proclaiming the Social Reign of Christ the King is no more necessary for saving souls.
With Feeneyism there is no salvation outside the Church and so saving souls is a priority.The non separation of Church and State and proclaiming the Social Reign of Christ the King is important.
This concept of known salvation comes to us from Rahner and Ratzinger and it has to be discarded by the traditionalists.
The concept of invisible baptism of desire being visible has to be rejected.There obviously are no practical exceptions to the dogma EENS in the past or present times.No one in the past saw a baptism of desire case in Heaven.
Once this is understood Vatican Council II is no more a problem and we are back to the old ecclesiology, the Tridentine Rite Mass ecclesiology.
So for now there is no real Catholic college.Instead there are modernist institutions which claim they are Catholic.1

The Fischer More College 2 interpreted Vatican Council II with Cushingism.There had to be a rupture with Tradition. They wrongly traced the problem to Vatican Council II.Not aware of the difference between Vatican Council II Cushingism and Feeneyism. Vatican Council II( Feeneyite) is not a rupture with Tradition but they did know this.
Update: March 4, 2014, 12:32 AM CST
 Pat Archbold reports that Fr. Nicholas Gruner, the leader of the International Fatima Rosary Crusade (Catholic World News says "self-styled", but I see no reason to call that item into question), spoke at FMC(Fischer More College), but reportedly did not act as a priest. The information was obtained through the Fisher More website, where they've listed their guest speakers since 2012.

Image result for Photo of Fr.Nicholas Gruner
Father Nicholas Gruner rejected Vatican Council II (Cushingite) while Bishop Olson and the USCCB affirm it.
Vatican Council II(Cushingite) was an issue at Fischer More College and this can be avoided at the Collegium.

Update: Same day, 10:05 AM CST
Doctor Taylor Marshall, former chancellor at Fisher More College and TLM devoté, released his statement on the controversy through his Facebook page. At risk of making an outrageously long post longer, here are some salient quotations [bold type my emphases]:

I resigned when moral, theological, and financial discrepancies came to light regarding the presidency of Michael King. I was an ex officio member of the Board so I knew what others did not. From May to early June of 2013, five of the eight College Board Members also resigned for two reasons:
1) Mr. King refused to disassociate himself from the public statements of faculty member Dr. Dudley that claimed in his Year of Faith lecture that Catholic professors have the duty to teach young people that Vatican 2 is not a valid Council (he also endorsed other “resistance” positions regarding the Novus Ordo, John Paul II, etc.) 4
 Dr. Dudley did not differentiate between Vatican Council II Feeneyite and Cushingite and knew only one intepretation.
Taylor Marshall and his wife were also Cushingites.

FMC hosted a public repudiation of Vatican 2 and the Ordinary Form of the Mass in April of 2013 that was so offensive that my wife and I walked out of it before it’s conclusion. That did not do much to heal the breach with the local diocese or presbyterate and it contributed to the priests of the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter (FSSP) discontinuing their support and presence at FMC. The current FMC website advertises that the FSSP provides a chaplain, but this is not true.5

Doctor Marshall also points out that Summorum Pontificum doesn't apply because a layman, not a priest, is requesting the permission, and that "Bishop Olson supports the FSSP in his diocese and has nothing against the Extraordinary Form."6

The FSSP still cannot  interpret Vatican Council II with Feeneyism and then offer the Latin Mass.No priest in Rome can issue a statement saying there are no known exceptions to the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus.He will get a warning from the Rome Vicariate.Permission is granted to offer the Latin Mass only with the new theology, Cushingite theology.Feeneyism is prohibited. They all know this. So Catholics have a new identity approved by the magisterium and the Left.

Now Deacon Edward Schaefer's  is expected to make the same mistake at the Collegium Sanctorum Angelicum in  2019,when he will be faithful to  'the magisterium',like the FSSP priests.He will then get an accreditation for the college and also be approved by the diocese.
The students will have to accept Vatican Council II Cushingite which will be a rupture with the dogma EENS and the Syllabus of Errors.But it will be magisterial and in continuity with the liberals at the Vatican. It will not in continuity with Tradition and the Mass of All Ages.
They will have to accept EENS ( Cushingite) which Pope Benedict XVI affirmed in March 2016.They will have to proclaim Vatican Council II as a development of the dogma EENS, as Pope Benedict clarified heretically.

So like the FSSP they will offer the Latin Mass at the Collegium Sanctorum Angelicum with the new ecclesiology.They welcome Vatican Council II and EENS Cushingite and then claim that this is the old theology of the Latin Mass. Pope Francis will approve this 'ideology'.
They will be in line with the  Pontifical  Gregorian University in Rome .There they interpret Vatican Council II and the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus with Cushingism and it is supported by the two living popes. 
Image result for Photo of Most Holy Trinity seminary in Florida.Image result for Photo of Most Holy Trinity seminary in Florida.
The Jesuits at the Gregorian have the same theology as Bishop Donald Sanborn's sedevacantist Most Holy Trinity seminary in Florida. Bishop Sanborn  interprets Vatican Council II with Cushingism and then rejects the conclusion while the Jesuits accept the heretical conclusion.Both infer invisible people are visible. 
Both Vatican Council II and the dogma EENS can be interpreted with Feeneyism and it will not be a rupture with Catholicism as it was known and taught in the 16th century and his makes a college Catholic and traditional.
The Fischer More College, Most Holy Trinity seminary, the Gregorian University  and the future Collegium Sanctorum Angelicum in Florida are not Catholic since they are not Feeneyite.
Instead they all follow the magisterium which is Cushingite. This is a theology which is irrational and heretical.
When we have a Catholic college which is Feeneyite, then we will have a truly Catholic college. There will be unity and harmony in Church doctrine even if the college is refused accreditation.The students will interpret all magisterial documents without using an irrational premise and the whole world will come down upon them as being 'haters', 'rigid'... and will demand that the institution be closed down.But they will be a Catholic college.There will be mission based on sound traditional doctrine.They will have a Catholic identity.-Lionel Andrades







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