Sunday, May 6, 2018

Repost : Kaspar desperate


Kaspar desperate

They have been consulting him.
Elder liberal.
How do we get out of this problem your eminence ? Give us a solution.
And Kaspar has none!
I have been feeding these blog posts over the years to the liberals , conservatives and any one who would like to listen.
I have been saying that Vatican Council is traditional on the subject of other religions.I have been repeating this and giving reasons.
No one has produced an article or report with apologetics saying that I am wrong.
No one.
Now these blog posts have probably reached Cardinal Kaspar who considers himself a theologian.
"Where is the solution , where is the refutation Your Eminence," they may have asked.
Kaspar does not respond. How can he say that we can see the dead on earth and upon this premise continue to base the liberal theology.
But at the same time he knows that Vatican Council II must not be traditional on the issue of other religions and Christian communities. This cannot be allowed.
Kaspar has no apologetics and does not know what to do, just like the traditionalists who have been supporting him on this issue including the SSPX.Could we have been wrong all these years? Could we?So what does Kaspar do?
He gives an interview to the L'Osservatore Romano in which he does not refute the charge of Vatican Council II being in agreement with the SSPX traditional position on other religions but maintains the old propaganda.Vatican Council II, he repeats, is ambiguous.
Where are the exceptions in Vatican Council II to extra ecclesiam nulla salus, Cardinal Walter Kaspar? Can you name them ?
He doesn't touch this point in the article.
Where is the magisterial text which says these 'exceptions' are visible to us for them to be exceptions? This question could make the liberals sweat, on the forehead.
Where is the ambiguity Cardinal Kaspar ? Can you cite text?
He has deserted the Council of Christian Unity, Vatican and others who may have sought his help.
Cardinal Kaspar himself made a factual error when he was the President of the Council for Christian Unity. On the website of the Council he alleges, that there are known exceptions to the literal interpretation of Fr.Leonard Feeney,(Really? Can you name them  your eminence ? )
He also alleged that Pope Pius XII corrected the literal interpretation of the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus according to Fr.Leonard Feeney. (Really? Where is the text ? Was it for disobedience or heresy?).
It is a fact of life - and not theology- that we cannot see the dead. We cannot see those in Heaven saved in invincible ignorance and the baptism of desire.It's with this false premise that Cardinal Kaspar and the liberals have been continuing the propaganda of ambiguity in Vatican Council II.
Over the years the liberals created a theological minefield over this issue. If you said 'this' , you had to be careful about 'that', and if you implied 'this', please don't also mean 'that'. They could create this theological minefield since they started off with the false premise.
Cardinal Walter Kaspar is using it and now he cannot. He's desperate.-Lionel Andrades

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