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Repost : Sr.Ilia Delio and Leadership Conference of Women Religious promote reincarnation

JUNE 30, 2012

Sr.Ilia Delio and Leadership Conference of Women Religious promote reincarnation

There is a comment on this blog :

'Are you equating evolution with reincarnation? They are not at all the same thing. I have found no reference at all to reincarnation in what Sister Delio says, but if you have a quotation where she speaks of it, I would appreciate seeing it. '
Yes. Sr.Ilia.Delio and the Leadership Conference of Women Religious have been promoting reincarnation. They are using the same style and version as the Freemasons and the Theosophists.

Sr.Delio says:
“...what happened to Jesus must happen to us as well.”
Sr.Ilia is saying like Teilhard di Chardin that we are evolving, perfecting until we reach Perfection. This would be the Omega Point of Chardin.
How can you be perfected?
The Oriental religions tell us that we can be perfected over many life times.Billions of years, as Sr.Ilia observes.

She says:
“The point is that just as Jesus is the Christ, we, too, are part of the Christ mystery, the Word-made-flesh, God’s love incarnate, which has evolved through 14 billion years.”
We too are part of the ‘mystery’ she says which has evolved through 14 billion years.
She was probably 'a something' which evolved into an ape and now a women and will be pefected over billions of lifetimes on an evolving earth.
She says:
'Science tells us that evolutionary creation will continue on earth for billions of years. The evolutionary universe may go on for 100 trillion years. A lot has happened before us, and a lot is going to happen after us. So stay tuned. I think in the next billion years, the best is yet to come.'
So stay tuned you will be there for the next billion of years , the best is yet to come.
She says:
'I also think we need to lighten up a little bit and enjoy the ride. Christian life is an adventure, God’s adventure in love. We need to recapture a sense of this cosmic adventure in love and that we’re part of it.'
We need to enjoy the ride during this lifetime since there is no Hell or Original Sin we are in a cosmic adventure spanning billions of lifetimes.

-Lionel Andrades

Sr.Ilia Delio, LCWR sell reincarnation based on a ‘scientific fraud’.

Sr.Ilia Delio, LCWR concept of evolution of consciousness is without Original Sin, Hell and exclusive salvation in only the Catholic Church

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