Wednesday, June 27, 2018

The work is finished- Feeneyite EENS and Vatican Council II Feeneyite is the key to solving the doctrinal confusion in the Church

What if every one is wrong and only I am correct? This is a tough one.
Is it  the end of my private life ? The end of my silence and solitude and semi-eremetical life in the centre of Rome ?
Working on this issue was a joy and a cross.Some 16 years back my bishop  asked  where would this take me?
To my Cross, of course.The work would then be finished and I will hand it all back to Our Lady.
Some 20  or more years back it all began when I was talking to a Dutch missionary priest Fr.John Blom ofm.He said angrily that the Church no more teaches outside the Church there is no salvation.He meant 'they', the Vatican, no more teach it.How could this be true I thought to myself not knowing at that time that he was correct.
Now I know that there was a deception.
Now and and that time She knew.
And the battle began.
But today the fight is over. I am wrapping things up.It is only time before this issue breaks out whether I am alive or not,Catholics understand.The ordinary Catholic understands.I can even quit now ( not that I am) and the momentum of the work will continue.Truth has a power in itself.It asserts itself.Independent of us.We suppress it and it bounces back again. We think we are in charge but oh, no, it is independent of us.
The Catholic Church in 2018 has not rejected the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus(EENS) for those who want to see.
Nothing has changed for those who want to see.
For those who want the comfortable life, they will not see.
They will put all this away as something terrible from the past.
I see my work finished.It's all out in the open for those who want to go to it on their own and use this material.
I have all this time  affirmed the dogma EENS while citing Vatican Council II.
I am not a traditionalist who rejects the Council.
I am not a liberal who rejects Feeneyite EENS.
Feeneyite EENS and Vatican Council II Feeneyite was always the key to solving the doctrinal confusion in the Church.-Lionel Andrades
JUNE 26, 2018
What if everyone else is wrong and only Lionel is correct ? What if....?

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